The 15 Curvy and Scenic Ghat Roads of Maharashtra

The Mountain passes are also known as mountain ghats or just ghats in India, Maharashtra is blessed with Western Ghats range, curvy and scenic road through the majestic mountains ghats and number of hill forst and towns. Best Passes and Ghat Roads of Maharashtra are Malshej Ghat, Tamhini Ghat,Amboli Ghat,Kumbharli Ghat, Bopdev Ghat,Dive Ghat,Shidi Ghat,Ganesh Ghat and Upande Ghat. Adventures Drive Through The 9 Majestic Ghats of Maharashtra

Amboli Ghat


Amboli is a hill station in south Maharashtra and the last ghat roads before the coastal highlands of Goa. The ghat road of Amboli lies on Sawantwadi Amboli Belgaum route and offers stunning views of forest and valleys around.

Amba Ghat

Amba ghat is a mountain pass on Ratnagiri-Kolhapur road at a height of 2000 ft in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. The ghat has picturesque mountain-scapes and a pleasant climate, a weekend destination for Kolhapur tourists and a venue for paragliding sport.

Kumbharli Ghat


The Kumbharli Ghat mountain pass connects the coastal Ratnagiri of Konkan region with the Satara across the Western Ghats range. Kumbharli Ghat section is a state highway links the cities of Chiplun and Karad with Koyna Dam near by.

Bhor Ghat


Bhor Ghat is well famous for its scenic beauty,waterfalls during the monsoon,lakes and dense wood forest, Situated on the crest of the Western Ghat mountain ranges. Bhore Ghaut mountain passage located between Karjat and Khandala.

Kashedi Ghat


The Kashedi Ghat On NH 17 Starts after the end of Poladpur with deadly curve in Goa-Mumbai highway. Villagers,daily travelers and truck drivers claim that Kashedi Ghat road is haunted and listed as one of the haunted place in Maharashtra.

Malshej Ghat


The most beautiful mountain pass in Maharashtra state,nestled in the lofty rugged mountians of the Western Ghats range in Pune. Malshej Ghat is best place to visit in monsoon near pune and favourite spot for hikers, trekkers and adventure lovers.

Tamhini Ghat


Tamhini Ghat is a mountain passage across the Sahyadri range to connect Pune and the Kokan region. Mulshi dam,tamhini Ghat road,tamhini Ghat waterfalls,scenery around are the major tourist attraction during the monsoon season for Pune people.

Khambatki Ghat

Khambatki Ghat gives best view of Khandala throughout the year, Ghat is situated on southern border of the city of Pune. The Nira River passes through the region and veer is the largest dam on the Nira River.

Madhe Ghat

Madhe Ghat is located around 62 km south west of Pune bordering Raigad. The Madhe Ghat is an ancient historical route,unknown place and a very beautiful drive via lovely surroundings, sunset, ghat and waterfalls.

Kasara Ghat


Kasara ghat section is located on the busy Mumbai–Nashik road route and Thul Ghat is a series of mountain slopes in the Western Ghats Railway line. Ghat road of Kasara is one of the four major rail and road routes into the Mumbai city.

Chorla Ghat


Chorla Ghat is a nature destination located on the intersection of the borders of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Chorla Ghat is part of the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range and best place for rare species of wild-life and biodiversity.

Varandha Ghat


Varandha Ghat or mountain passage is situated on the crest of the Western Ghat mountain ranges and known for its surroundings, scenic waterfalls, lakes and dense woods. The Varandha ghat stretches almost 10 kilometres on route to Shivtharghal a famous tourist place. Image Source:placesnearpune

Ambenali Ghat

Ambenali Ghat mountain road across the Western Ghats range on the Deccan plateau links the cities of Poladpur and Mahabaleshwar. The ghat road or mountain road is a 40 km long mountain ghat road with many hairpin turns and slope.

Karul Ghat and Bhuibawada Ghat

Gaganbawda is a town situated in the district of Kolhapur and gets the maximum rainfall during rainy season. The famous Karul Ghat and Bhuibawada Ghat starts immediately after Gaganbawada village are the most beautiful and very scenic in monsoon.

Shidi Ghat and Ganesh Ghat


Shidi Ghat and Ganesh Ghat are two ghat on the route to Bhimashankar in the Ghat region of the Sahyadri hills. Bhimashankar is a wildlife sanctuary and part of Western Ghat,rich in floral and faunal diversity. Image Source:adventureclicknblog

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