The 5 Big Gates and Doorways of India

India has the Gate of Magnificence the highest gateways in the world known as Buland Darwaza, followed by the highest wooden gate of Fort Ramgarh. Other famous doorway and gateway of India includes Gateway of India in Mumbai and India Gate at Delhi.

Gateway of India -Mumbai


A monument located on the waterfront and overlooks the Arabian Sea is a structure of basalt arch of 85 feet height. Gateway of India referred as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, top tourist attraction in Mumbai and one of the architectural marvel of our country.

India Gate -Delhi


An imposing structure and the pride of Delhi, India Gate also called as the All India War Memorial is a war memorial, located astride the Rajpath of New Delhi. The 42-metre tall India Gate is the national monument of India and one of the considered as a major spot in tourism of Delhi.

Buland Darwaza -Fatehpur Sikri


The Gate of Magnificence is the main entrance to the palace of Fatehpur Sikri and the highest gateways in the world. Buland Darwaza is the greatest monumental structure of Akbar’s entire reign and one of the many beautiful Mughalian monuments in Agra city also known to be one of the largest gate in India.

Main Gate -Fort Ramgarh


The highest wooden gate of Fort Ramgarh in Panchkula is recognised to be the tallest wooden door in India with 37-Ft-height. Main Gate- Tallest Wooden Gate of The Fort Ramgarh hold limca book of record.

Bhadkal Gate – Aurangabad


The Bhadkal Gate is one of the most famous, oldest and biggest gate in Aurangabad,The city is also known as City of Gates with its 52 gates. Out of the 52 Gates in Aurangabad only four main and nine subordinate gates have survived and the Bhadkal Gate is the biggest in the city.

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