The 7 Mysterious Ghost Towns in India

These beautiful abandoned places hold terrifying histories and unusual facts or strange secrets inside the walls. India has many ghost town and villages which are abandoned due to full of mysteries of the unexplained.

Top 20 Beautiful Yet Abandoned Places You Must Explore In India



The land lost is one of the most famous Ghost Town in India,situated on Pamban Island. 1964 Dhanushkodi cyclone, caused heavy damages and destroying the entire town of Dhanushkodi and washed the whole passenger train Pamban-Dhanushkodi killing all 115 on board.

Fatehpur Sikri


A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best preserved collections of Mughal architecture in India was abandoned soon after its completion. The Royal and beautiful Fatehpur Sikri is among top 10 ghost towns and world’s most beautiful ghost town.



The ancient fort town located in Kachchh district of Gujarat. Lakhpat is a city of ruins of buildings and a magnificent fort, there is an amazing sea fort situated in the mouth of Kori Creek.



The ruined city is located in the Malwa region of the Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh. Mandu is one of the most popular tourist attraction of the state with so many places of interest such as palaces, Jain temples and mosques.

Old Goa


The land of beautiful beaches was abandoned due to an outbreak of malaria and cholera during 17th century. Remains of the city are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India.

Ross Island


Ross Island is one of the beautiful island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands,situated near by the capital city of Port Blair. A series of earthquakes makes this island as abandoned.



Vijaynagara, now-ruined capital city situated around the Hampi, ruins are now a World Heritage Site. Vijay Nagara was the second-largest city in the world,later it was captured and destroyed by Muslim armies and abandoned ever since.


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