The 8 Mega Dams of North East States of India

The sister states of North East India are considered as the future powerhouse of India. North east India is a slice of paradise, untouched and yet to explore, Due to the abundantly of natural resources and deep river valley’s these are considered as one of the best suited projects for mega dams. Some of the big dams of north east Indian states are list as follows.

Ranganadi Dam-Arunachal Pradesh


The Ranganadi Dam is Concrete gravity dam build on the Ranganadi River, located in the Yazali Arunachal Pradesh. Ranganadi Dam was the first mega dam built in Arunachal Pradesh with an height of 68 m and serves as run of the river hydroelectric generation scheme and no water storage. Subansiri Lower Dam is an under construction gravity dam on the Subansiri River and Dibang Dam is planned concrete gravity dam in the state.

Doyang Dam-Nagaland


The Doyang Dam is build across the Doyang river near the Wokha village in Nagaland, Its a rockfill dam with a height of 92m. The big dam is visible from most of the hill tops of area and have become the best place for water sports in the state. Doyang Reservoir is user for power generation, fisheries and also provide shelter to flora and fauna around.

Khuga dam-Manipur


The multipurpose Khuga dam is one of the seven river valley irrigation projects completed on Imphal River with the famous Loktak Lake for power supply to Manipur and other sister states. Khuga dam height is a 38m tall structure located towards the south of Churachandpur town. Tipaimukh Dam is the major dam project, proposed with height of 162m across river Barak in Manipur.

Tuirial Dam-Mizoram


The Tuirial Dam is an earth fill and gravity dam with 74m height across the Tuirial river near Kolasibin the Indian state of Mizoram. The zoned earth fill dam is situated at the 74m above from the deepest level of river bed and generate 60MW power with its turbines. Kolasib is a small town around the dam with tribal population,who follow its cultures and traditions. Serlui B Dam is another earth fill and gravity dam on Serlui river with height of 51m in the state of Mizoram.

Gumti Dam-Tripura

Gumti Dam

The Gumti dam is build across the gumti river in near Dumbur in the state of Tripura with a 30-metre height to generate 8.6 MW power. Gumti dam forms a large lake called Gumti reservoir, the reservoir attracts a large number of resident and migratory water birds, also the Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many wild animals such as Indian bison,Barking dear and Elephants.

Umiam Dam-Meghalaya


The Umiam Dam is constructed acorss the Umiam river stream near to capital Shillong with an height of 27.5 m. Umiam Dam project was the first Dam build in the North-east region of India. The reservoir is called Umiam Lake, its a famous tourist spot in the state and one of the most popular destination for adventures water sport. The Artificial Lake is also used for irrigation, fisheries and drinking water for to local.

Subansiri dam-Assam


The Subansiri dam also known as Subansiri Lower Dam, is a under construction gravity dam across the Subansiri River at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Subansiri dam is the most controversial dam project in among the proposed dams of North east region of India. Subansiri dam will be a run of the river power project with an height of 116m. The pagladia dam is proposed multipurpose mega dam to be built across the river Pagladiya near Thalkuchi village Assam.

Rangit Dam-Sikkim


The Rangit Dam of sikkim is a 45 m tall concrete gravity dam build across on the Ranjit River to generate power of 29 MW. Rangit Dam is situated near to Gangtok and build over the confluence of two rivers Rathong Chu and Rangit Rivers. The river valley reservoir of Rangit Dam is one of the most popular venue for fishing boating and other recreational water sports. Teesta-V Dam is another concrete gravity dam which is 95 m height on the Teesta River at Dikchu, Sikkim.

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