The New Indian Currency Symbol

The rupee is now having a unique symbol joining elite currencies like the US and other foreign countries. Last year Indian government announces a contest to create a symbol for Indian rupee. Total five symbol has been short listed, Indian government selected the symbol created by D Udaya Kumar from Chennai on July 2010. The Indian rupee sign D udaya kumar is an assistant professor at IIT Guwahati. The Indian government will try to implement this symbol within 6 months in India.

The symbol of Indian rupee taken form devnagiri signifies ambition and the rising strength of India. Visual simplicity of symbol make it easy to recognize by every one.The top horizontal line indicates that the symbol origin is India, because only in India letter hang from the top line. The equality sign indicates the common peoples, balance economy and it also denotes the relationship and comparison of currency values with the other nations currency.

Two Horizontal parallel lines in symbol with equal white space display an illusion of India Flag. This symbol is designed in harmony with the other existing currency symbol of the world. The symbol of paisa can also be designed using the same concept.


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