Top 10 Lesser Known Heritage Sites In India

World heritage sites in India are a group of places that are considered to be of immense cultural and natural importance in the world. There are 32 World Heritage Sites in India with cultural and natural heritage and 15 in the tentative list. Here is the list of lesser known heritage sites in India along with Silk Road Sites in India,Santiniketan,Mughal Gardens in Jammu and Kashmir,Le Corbusier in Chandigarh,Delhi,Archaeological remains of Lothal,Apatani Cultural Landscape and Excavated Remains at Nalanda.

Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam


Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is one of the most illustrious Vaishnava temples in South India and the largest functioning Hindu temple in India. The temple complex is one of the largest temple in India and one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

Ananthapura Lake Temple, Kerala


Ananthapura Lake Temple is a Hindu temple located in the middle of a lake,located in the village of Ananthapura in Kasaragod District of Kerala. The Ananthapura temple has guardian crocodile and only one crocodile in the lake at a time.

Kareng Ghar, Assam


Royal palace of Kareng Ghar is one of the grandest examples of Ahom architecture in India,made of wood and stones in Sivasagar, Assam. Other architectural attractions and monuments of Assam also includes Rangpur Palace and Talatal Ghar.

Airavatesvara Temple, Darasuram


Airavatesvara Temple along with the Brihadeeswara and Gangaikondacholisvaram Temple referred to as the Great Living Chola Temples. Airavatesvara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva with various inscriptions in the temple.

Palaces in Gondal, Gujarat


Gondal has large number of forts and palaces that are spread across the historic town. Navlakha Palace is one of the most beautiful of all the palaces in Gondal,Orchard Palace and Riverside Palace are being others.

Monuments of Srirangapattana, Karnataka


Srirangapattana Town is located in Mandya district of Karnataka in the course of River Cauvery. The island has fort of Srirangapattana,Elephant Gate,Ranganatha Svami Temple,Narasimha Temple statue and Hanging Bridge.

Rajabai Clock Tower, Mumbai


Rajabai Clock Tower is one of the most famous monuments in Mumbai,located in the Fort campus of the University of Mumbai. The tower stands at a height of 280 ft and ranked as one of the tallest clock tower in India.

Chettinad Mansions, Tamil Nadu


Magnificent Mansions of Chettinad are several old palatial homes converted into heritage hotels,Museum and heritage home. Chettinadu Mansion near Karaikudi is one of the most popular Chettinad heritage home with Chettinad chicken.

Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur


Gol Gumbad in Bijapur is the second largest dome in the world,constructed as per the Deccan architecture. The tomb is the mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah and has one of the biggest single chamber spaces in the world.

Ahmedabad City


Ahmedabad emerged as an important economic and industrial hub in India,located on the banks of the Sabarmati River. The city has been selected as a smart city and best city to live in in India. Tourist places in Ahmedabad includes sabarmati ashram,kankaria lake,Sidi Saiyad Mosque,jama masjid and Lal Darwaja.


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