Top 5 Largest Dams in Karnataka

Karnataka is the land of many important rivers with several tributaries such as Kaveri,Krishna, Kabini, Sharavathi and Thungabhadra rivers. These rivers are has number of large dams in the state which include Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam, Tungabhadra dam and Alamati dam.

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam


Krishna Raja Sagara is one of the major tourist attractions in Mysore along with an ornamental garden attached. The lake and the dam along with Brindavan Garden that also has a botanical park, attracts wide varieties of local and  migrant birds.

Tungabhadra Dam


The Tungabhadra Dam is a multipurpose dam across the Tungabhadra River near Hospet. Tungabhadra Dam is one of the 10 major dams of India and one of the chief attractions of the town of Hospet.

Bhadra Dam


The Bhadra Dam is located on the Bhadra River in Chikkamagaluru that flows through the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Bhadra dam reservoir is a popular venue for water sports activities and also has rich avifauna.

Almatti Dam


The Almatti Dam is build on the Krishna River and is the main reservoir of the Upper Krishna Project in North Karnataka. Krishna River Project also has seven terrace gardens as a picnic spot in the dam area and an artificial forest with wild animals.Image source:tourmet

Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam


Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam is also known as Mari Kanive located at Chitradurga, is the oldest dam in the Karnataka state. The dam is an exquisite piece of architecture and a prime tourist destination with a nearby forest called panchavati garden.

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