Top 5 List of Large Dams in Odisha State

The state of Odisha has several rivers flowing across the state like the Machkund River,Brahmani River,Godavari River,Sankh river,Indravati and the Mahanadi River. Major dams in Odisha includes  Hirakud Dam,Mandira Dam and Rengali Dam are built on Mahanadi River,Machkund River and Sankh river, other small dam and reservoirs of Odisha are Balimela Reservoir,Pilasalunki Dam and Deras Dam of Bhubaneshwar.

Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam is the longest major earthen dam in Asia,built across the Mahanadi River in Sambalpur district. Dam and reservoir of Hirakud is one of the first multipurpose river valley project of India, after India’s independence. dam extends a lake is home to Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary and several species of migratory birds along with ideal environment for the Aqua wildlife.

Jalaput Dam

Jalaput hydroelectric dam is built on the Machkund River at the border line between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Jalaput Dam and Reservoir is surrounded by dense forest and more than 100 tribal villages in the koraput district.

Mandira Dam


Mandira Dam is built across the Sankha River near Kansbahal in Sundergarh district,located at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Rourkela. The Mandira Dam is among the most famous picnic spot and among the top 15 tourist attractions in Rourkela.

Patora Dam

Patora dam is constructed across Jonk River and one of the famous location in Nuapada district along with near by places Nrusinghanath Temple,Harishankar Temple and Bull Yogeswar temple.

Rengali Dam


Rengali dam is constructed across Brahmani River and power station is situated near village of Rengali of Talcher in Angul district. This multi purpose dam has the second largest reservoir in Odisha and the project was built for irrigation,power,barrage and canal system.

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