Top 7 Largest Oldest and Deepest Dam of Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu has India’s oldest as well as deepest dams known as Grand Anicut or Kallanai Dam and Solaiyar water reserveoir. List of major dams of the state are given below,Other well known dams of Tamil Nadu are Aliyar Dam,Gomukhinadhi Reservoir,Sathanur water reservoir, Krishnagiri water reservoir,Grand Anicut water reservoir,Pechiparai Reservoir,Vaigai Dam,Mukkadal Dam and Amaravathi Dam.

Grand Anicut –  Oldest Dam of India

Kallanai Dam is also known as the Grand Anicut, is the first dam in the world built across the Kaveri River in Trichy. Grand Anicut is the most ancient surviving irrigation work in Kaveri river delta and the oldest dam in India.

Aliyar Reservoir – With Theme Park


Aliyar Dam Reservoir is located in the foothills of Valparai hill station and surrounded by beautiful scenery,mountains and garden. Aliyar dam is a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu with number of attractions including a park, garden and aquarium.

Amaravathi Dam – Mugger Crocodile Farm


Amaravathi Dam is located in Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Tirupur district. The reservoir is the largest wild breeding population of crocodiles in South India.

Mettur Dam -Major Dam of  India


Mettur Dam is one of the largest dam in India,constructed in a gorge over river Kaveri in Salem District. The dam creates Stanley Reservoir which is a major tourist attraction along with Hogenakal Falls.

Bhavanisagar Dam -Largest Earthen Dam


Bhavanisagar dam is one of the largest earthen dams in the world, constructed on Bhavani river in Erode district. The dam and reservoir is the first major irrigation project initiated in India after independence.

Upper Anaicut

Upper Anaicut Dam is also known as Mukkombu Dam built on the Kaveri River near Trichy. It is a lovely picnic spot and the amusement park host one of the largest statue of Nandi in India.

Solaiyar Reservoir – Deepest Dam of India

Upper Solaiyar or Upper Sholayar Dam is the second deepest dam in Asia, situated in the foothills of Anaimalai Hills near Valparai. Sholayar dam is constructed over the Chalakudy river and the reservoir offers the breathtaking view of Anamalai mountain range,Forest areas,Wildlife and ghat roads at Valparai.


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