Top 8 Famous Dams and Reservoirs in Kerala

Hydel Tourism is the youngest keyword in tourism industry of India,The Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre is promoting hydel tourism at Munnar and Kozhikode. Kerala is blessed with natural beauty, rivers and lakes between the Western Ghats and there are 44 rivers in Kerala and has 33 dams and reservoirs.

Some of the most famous dams and reservoirs in Kerala also includes Solaiyar Dam,Kakkayam Dam,Idamalayar Dam,Peringalkuthu Dam and Kakki Reservoir.

Idukki Dam


Idukki Dam stands between the two mountains and one of the highest arch dams in Asia. The Idukki Dam along with two other dams at Cheruthoni and Kulamavu are constructed across the Periyar river and identified as an ideal spot to promote hydel tourism in Kerala.

Malampuzha Dam


Malampuzha Dam is located on the foot hills of the Western Ghats and is the largest reservoir in Kerala state. The Malampuzha Dam and reservoir has tourist gardens,amusement parks,rock garden and ropeway.

Mullaperiyar Dam


Mullaperiyar masonry gravity dam is constructed on the Periyar river and Kerala’s most famous tourist destination Thekkady is located around the dam’s reservoir. Dam reservoir is home to different kinds of mammals including Indian elephants,India bison and Indian wild dogs.

Parambikulam Dam

Parambikulam Dam is the top ten embankment dams in the world and ranks number one in India. This embankment dam is built across the Parambikulam river and located in the Palakkad district in the Western Ghats.

Neyyar Dam


Neyyar Dam on the Neyyar river is a gravity dam, located on the foot of the Western Ghats in Thiruvananthapuram district. The scenic lake of Neyyar dam is one of the most popular picnic spot along with peak Agasthya kooodam and Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kakkayam Dam

Kakkayam Dam is the most picturesque dam site in Kerala and listed as one of the best hydel tourism destination in the state. The Kakkayam dam and valley offers excellent place for rock climbing,forest hiking,trekking and wildlife in Kozhikode.

Pazhassi Dam


Pazhassi Dam or Kulur Barrage is stone masonry structure dam constructed over Valapattanam river in Kannur district. Kulur Barrage or Pazhassi dam reservoir are famous for their scenic beauty and an ideal retreat for tourist.

Idamalayar Dam


Idamalayar Dam is a concrete gravity dam on Idamalayar river and creates a large multipurpose reservoir in Ernakulam district. Idamalayar dam is 102.8m tall dam and has a large reservoir area where several species of birds have been reported.

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad District of Kerala is home to the only floating solar power plant in India, The dam is the largest earth dam in India and the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas of Banasura Hill.

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