25 Types of Passenger Services Trains Run By Indian Railways

Indian Railways has several classes of travel with or without air-conditioned coaches,unreserved seating class and standard passenger class known as sleeper class. These passenger services trains of Indian Railways transports almost 2.5 crore passengers daily in 16 zones over a route of 65,808 km with 7,112 stations. Other passenger trains of India includes Rajdhani Express,Super fast mail,Rajya Rani Express,AC Express, Kavi Guru Express,Fast Passenger and Sampark Kranti Express trains.

Suburban Trains


Suburban rail in India are the major public transport system many of Indian cities such asĀ  Mumbai Suburban Railway, Chennai Suburban Railway and Kolkata Suburban Railway. Many Indian cities have own dedicated suburban rail networks and these urban rails are also called as life line of city.

Local Trains

Slow Passenger Trains are called as local trains in India, which are convenient for getting off at small towns and villages. All slow passenger trains of Indian Railways are short distance traveling trains with making multiple stops at almost all small towns and villages.



Indian inter-city trains are longer distances passenger train service run by Indian Railways such as Bhopal Indore Intercity Express,Ernakulam Intercity Express,Mumbai Pune Intercity Express and Siddhaganga Intercity Express. Intercity Express trains runs daily between major Indian cities and these trains are less expensive than other express trains of India.

Fast Passenger

Fast Passenger trains are Fast Passenger local train rail service of India,generally run on long distance single line routes. Some examples of Fast Passenger in India are Amravati-Surat,Bhusawal-Surat,Rayagada-Vijayawada,Durg-Visakhapatnam and Akola- Ratlam.

Metro Rail


Metro rail service is one of the form of rapid transit in India, first rapid transit system in India was the Kolkata Metro and Delhi Metro was India’s first modern metro. There are currently 8 operational metro systems in India Kolkata Metro,Chennai MRTS,Delhi Metro,Namma Metro,Jaipur Metro,Mumbai Metro,Chennai Metro and Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon.

Jan Shatabdi

Jan Shatabdi Express trains are for common people which gives more affordable variety of the Shatabdi Express. Some of the Jan Shatabdi Express trains are Howrah Patna Jan Shatabdi,Lumding Lower Halflong Jan Shatabdi,Habibganj Jabalpur Jan Shatabdi and Raigarh Gondia Jan Shatabdi Express.

Express Trains

Express trains in India are regular rail service by Indian Railways with limited stops and able to obtain the highest speeds of any trains in India. Azad Hind,Himsagar Express,Jnaneswari Express train,Samarsata Express,Shalimar Express,Sapt Kranti Express, Pushpak Express,Goa Express,Sampoorna Kranti Express,Shram Shakti Express and Himgiri Express.

Garib Rath


Garib Rath Express Trains are series of cheaper air-conditioned travel trains with only seating and three-tier accommodation. The Poor Man’s Chariot has used distance between each berth to add more seats.

Fairy Queen


Fairy Queen luxury train runs between New Delhi to Alwar and certified by the Guinness Book of Records as world’s oldest one train. This steam locomotive luxury train is runs on the same basis as the Palace on Wheels to boost tourism in Rajasthan.

Lifeline Express

India’s hospital train Lifeline Express or Jeevan Rekha Express is World’s first hospital train to provide on-the-spot medical treatment in the remotest rural parts of the country. Jeevan Rekha Express is run by the Impact India Foundation and collaboration with the Indian Railways and Health Ministry.

Mahaparinirvan Express


Mahaparinirvan Express is a Buddhist circuit tourist train launched by IRCTC to visit of various Buddhist places across Northern India. This passenger train takes tourist to important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, such as Bodhgaya, Varanasi and Kushinagar on spiritual tour.

Super Fast Mail

Mail trains are regularsuperfast express train service of India with small number of stops,average speed of mail trains in India are greater than 36 km/h. Few of the well known Super fast mail trains are Punjab mail,Mumbai mail,Chennai Mail,Lucknow Mail, Howrah Mail and Golden Temple Mail.

Sampark Kranti

Sampark Kranti Express trains are one of the super-fast train service providing connectivity to the capital of New Delhi. There are 20 set of Sampark Kranti Superfast Express trains operate at slower average speeds than the Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

Kavi Guru

Kavi Guru Express are series of express trains by Indian Railways,There are only 4 Kavi Guru Express trains running and only one of them is class as superfast express. Porbandar Santragachi Kavi Guru Express,Howrah Bolpur Kavi Guru Express,Howrah Azimganj Kavi Guru Express and Kamakhya Jaipur Kavi Guru Express.

Rajya Rani

Rajya Rani Express trains are a series of express trains operated by Indian Railways, Rajya Rani trains connect state capitals with other important cities. There are 10 Rajya Rani Express trains for tourism, pilgrimage and business.

Maharaja Express

The-Maharajas- Express

Maharajas Express is the world’s leading luxury train and India’s best tourist train by offering the best of Incredible India journeys. Indian Railways is using Anubhuti luxury coaches to luxury trains like Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey.

Shatabdi Express


Shatabdi Express are the fastest train in India,Bhopal Shatabdi express is currently the fastest train by Indian Railways runs at a peak speed of 150 km/h. Shatabdi Express trains offer fast connectivity to the destination and ran runs at an average speed of around 84 km/h.

Rajdhani Express

August-Kranti-Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express are second fastest trains of India,operated by Indian Railways connecting captial city of New Delhi with other state capitals. It is one of the highest priority train on the Indian railway network,There are currently 22 sets of Rajdhani Express trains.

Duronto Express


Duronto Express trains are non stop long-distance trains run by the Indian Railways with no stoppage between the origin and the destination. These trains are one of the fastest train of India or as fast as Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.

Vivek Express


Vivek Express are 4 pairs of express trains that covers most important Indian cities en route such as Ahmedabad, Madurai, Kanyakumari,Vijayawada, Coimbatore, Kozhikode. Kanyakumari Dibrugarh Vivek Express is the longest travel train route on the Indian Railways network and 9th longest in the world.

Yuva Express

Yuva Express trains are one of the fastest train of Indian railways, introduce to provide low cost air conditioned travel option for the youth. Howrah New Delhi Yuva Express,Bandra Terminus Hazrat Nizamuddin Yuva Express and Anand Vihar Yuva Express are few of the Yuva Express train names.

Mountain Railway


Indian mountain railway is operates in the mountain region of Nilgiri,Kashmir,Kangra Valley,Western Ghats and in the rugged hill regions of the Himalayas. These Railway lines connect important hill stations of India with the foot hills and known as Mountain Railways of India.

Tourist Trains


Indian Railways has started number of pilgrim special tourist trains such as Buddhist circuit Mahaparinirvan Express,Char Dham Yatra train,Panj Takht Sikh religon Train,Bharat Darshan special tourist train,Science Express and Heritage circuit semi luxury Tourist Trains. There are so many special and tourist trains offering the best of Incredible India tour to Heritage sites,Pilgrim Circuits.

Special Trains

Special Trains introduced by Indian Railways are a temporary trains to handle peak traffic during the summer and festival holiday season. Pune Tatkal Fare Special,Pilgrim Special Tourist Trains,Bharat Darshan special train are few example of special trains run by Indian Railways.

Double Decker Trains

Double-decker train

Double Decker Express Trains are a super fast train by Indian Railways, which was the first of its type to be introduced in India. Indian Railways has 11 routes for Double Decker trains and also announced that India’s first air-conditioned double-decker Shatabdi train will run from Mumbai to Goa.

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