10 Amazing Adaptive Wild Animals of Desert

There is no life in the desert but few animals in the world have adapted to live in the dry environment of Sahara,Gobi and middle east. Amazing adaptive wild animals of Desert includes Falcon bird,while Antelope,Horned Viper and reptiles. Other wild animals of Desert also includes  Scarab Beetle,Arabian Oryx,Desert Locusts,Persian gazelle, Ostrich, Dancing White Lady Spider and Secretarybird.

Dromedary Camel


Dromedary Camels are one of the largest species of even toed ungulate,inhabited dry regions of Sahara Desert and Arabian peninsula. The Arabian camel are second largest camel after the Bactrian camel and more useful to mankind.

Goitered Gazelle


Goitered Gazelle is a high speed gazelle found in Gobi Desert,Iran and Turkey. The goitered gazelle species migrate seasonally, mostly inhabits sands and plains plateau.

Addax Antelope


Addax Antelope is a white antelope species that lives in the Sahara.  The addax white antelope is critically endangered species adapted life in harsh desert.



Falcon is one of the species of raptors and trained bird of prey used for hunting of wild quarry in world. Saker falcon,northern goshawk,gyrfalcon,Prairie falcon and peregrine falcon are used for Falconry hunting.

Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox is the smallest species of all the world’s foxes,found in the Sahara of North Africa. The fennec fox live in desert environment and an exotic house pet.

Horned Viper


Horned Viper also known as horned desert viper is one of the venomous viper species native to the desert land of Middle East and Northern Africa. These snakes are the apex predator of sandy areas,deserts and semi-deserts of Sahara.

Death Stalker Scorpion


Death Stalker is the most dangerous species of scorpion in the world and most venomous scorpion, found in desert of the Middle East and North Africa. This Yellow scorpion is considered as the most lethal of all scorpions in the world.

Desert Monitor


Desert Monitor Lizard is a carnivorous monitor lizard,living in desert land of North Africa. The desert monitor is one of the extremely venomous reptile in the Sahara desert.

Arabian Oryx


Arabian Oryx is a bovid native to Arabian desert and was listed as extinct in the wild. The medium-sized antelope Arabian Oryx classified as endangered and reintroduced into the wild world.

Desert Skink and Lizard

The great desert skink and desert lizard are species of reptiles found in the desert of Sahara,Australia and Middle east. Desert horned lizard and Thorny dragon are few monsters found in the Kharidian and Australian desert.

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