Australia’s Top 5 Most Deadliest Snakes By Genus

There are highest number of dangerous snakes live in variety of habitats in Australia, Here is the list of top five extremely venomous, deadliest and dangerous Australasian snakes by Genus.

Taipan (Oxyuranus) – Inland Taipan

Taipan snakes are the world’s deadliest known snakes endemic to Australasia and there are three recognised species. Out of three known species of Taipan in Australia, Inland taipan and Coastal taipan listed as extremely venomous Australasian snakes.

Inland Taipan
Coastal Taipan

Inland taipan is the World’s most dangerous snake and can cause serious snakebites, found in the regions of central east Australia. The inland taipan is an extremely fast and agile snake and also the most extremely venomous snake of genus Oxyuranus.

Brown Snake (Pseudonaja) – Eastern Brown Snake

Pseudonaja genus snake species are commonly as brown snakes in Australia, native to eastern and central Australia continent, And some of Western Australia. The brown snakes are second most dangerous snakes in the world and a highly venomous snake family.

Eastern Brown Snake
Western Brown Snake

Eastern brown snake is listed as world’s second most venomous land snake of Australia after the inland taipan and found in most of habitats including urban areas and farmland. The highly venomous snake is pale cream- Yellow in color from the family Elapidae.

Black Snake (Pseudechis) – Mulga King Brown Snake

Pseudechis genus of venomous snakes are known as black snake in Australia, found in variety of habitat types and found in every Australian state. Tow of the most recognisable species of black snakes are red bellied black snake and the mulga snake.

Mulga King Brown Snake
Red Bellied Black Snake

Despite the name as the king brown snake, but it is not a brown snake of Pseudonaja genus but actually the member of the genus Pseudechis, known as black snakes. King brown snake is known as mulga snake and listed as Australia’s largest venomous snake with 8.2 ft in length.

Tiger Snake (Notechis) – Mainland Tiger Snake

Tiger snakes are one of the top five highly venomous snake species found in Australia. These snakes are protected species and highly variable in their colour with respect to geographic range, two recognized species are listed below.

Mainland Tiger Snake
Black Tiger Snake

Tiger snake from the genus Notechis is another most venomous species of snake found in Australia, variable in their colour with respect to habitat such as coastal environments, Tasmania island, wetlands and other coastal areas of Australia.

Python Snake (Simalia) – Australian Scrub Python

Simalia genus of snakes are non venomous pythons species found in the forests of Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. There are different types of pythons species found Australia, such as Australian Scrub Python, Amethystine Python, Carpet python and Olive python.

Australian Scrub Python
Amethystine Python

Olive python species is endemic to Australia and second-largest snake species of Australia after scrub python. The olive python is sometime confused with mulga snake and mostly occurs in rocky areas near water bodies, also known to prey crocodiles.

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