Top 10 Must See Wild Animals of Pantanal in Brazil

Pantanal of Brazil is largest tropical wetland area in the world, support a dense array of animal species and remain submerged during the rainy seasons. The wetland region is best location in South America for wildlife photography and home to diverse mixture of wetlands,wildlife and rarest animals of the world, found out the list below:



Jaguar is the third largest cat in the world and a native cat species of swamps and wetland habitats. The felid species not only a keystone species of Pantanal ecosystem but also an ambush predator at the top of the food chain in the Americas along with the Cougar.

Yacare Caiman


Yacare caiman is an endemic species of caiman found in Pantanal ecosystem of Brazil and Paraguay, lives with black caimans and Spectacled caiman in the region. The species found in lakes, rivers, and wetland habitats and its diet consists of aquatic animals like capybaras and catfish.

Giant Otter


Giant river otters are a social species from weasel family and group of predators found in the Pantanal and in and along the Amazon river. The giant otters are an apex predator of Pantanal with few natural predators like yacare caimans, jaguar, cougar and anaconda.



Capybara is the world’s largest living rodent that lives near the waterbodies in groups and a highly social species of semiaquatic mammals. The capybara are one of the most preferred prey of the caiman, anaconda and a favourite food of puma,jaguar and ocelot.



Ocelot wild cat prey on small mammals and usually a solitary animal lives within territories. The gorgeous nocturnal cat is vary rare and master of camouflage in the pantanal wetlands, share its habitats with Jaguar,Puma, Giant Anteater and Brazilian Tapir.

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater is the biggest member of family and one of four known living species of anteaters found in the world. The large size giant anteater can be found in protected areas of Amazon, Cerrado and in the Pantanal of Brazilian state.

Toco Toucan


Toco toucan is one of the best known bird species of South America, largest species of the toucan family and mostly occurs along the lower Amazon River, eastern Bolivia, Peru and easily seen in the Pantanal of Brazil with Hyacinth macaw parrot.

Hyacinth Macaw


Hyacinth macaw parrots are native to South America, Are the largest flying parrot species in the world and classified as Vulnerable, protected by law. Hyacinth macaws populations found in the Pantanal region of Brazil, Paraguay and in the Cerrado where they feed on Brazil nuts, palms and nuts of Acrocomia aculeata.

Brazilian Tapir

South American tapir is known as the Brazilian tapir and a terrestrial mammal in the Amazon forest, one of the four species of tapir family. The Brazilian tapir found near water bodies in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, Argentina and other river basin of South America with Marsh deer.

Yellow Anaconda


Yellow Anaconda is one of the five largest snakes in the world, A non-venomous boa species endemic to the aquatic habitats of swamps and marshes. The larger yellow anaconda is the apex predator of wetland habitats of the Pantanal region in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil.

The apple snail is another well known species of Pantanal wetlands along with Southern tamandua, southern caracara, savannah vulture,Maned wolf, howler and capuchin monkeys,Boa Constrictors,Gold tegu, Red-footed tortoise, Bush Dog and Green American iguana as well as Pacu, Piranha, Pintado and Cachara are the species of fish found in the Pantanal.

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