10 Most Colorful Species of Parrots Found in Australia

Australia and its territories are home to large number of wild birds including family of flightless birds, ducks, geese, and old World parrots. There are 44 species of parrot found in Australia including 14 species of cockatoos, parakeet, lorikeet, rosella, galah and corella.



Budgerigar are seed-eating parrot and the most popular pet birds around the world, found wild throughout the drier parts of Australia. Budgies colouring includes blues, whites, yellows, greys and normally found in small flocks, feed primarily on grass seeds.



Cockatiel is a small species of parrot from the family of cockatoo and endemic to Australia, are native to the land of Australia and seen in small flocks around single body of water. The cockatiels are very popular caged bird along with budgerigar and sulphur-crested cockatoo.



Cockatoos are another very popular birds from Australia and also found in Philippines,eastern Indonesian and New Guinea. Pink cockatoo,Gang-gang cockatoo, Palm cockatoo and Sulphur-crested cockatoo are well known in aviculture.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is also known as pink cockatoo, found in the inland areas of Australia.



The galah is an endemic bird of the mainland Australia and was introduced to Tasmania, This species of cockatoos are found in all Australian states. Galahs are pink and grey plumage cockatoo, have a bone-coloured beak and sexes appear similar.


King Parrot

Australian king parrot feed on fruits and seeds from the wooded areas and frequently seen in small groups. Superb parrot, Princess parrot, Eclectus parrot and Mulga parrots are some of the most popular species of medium-sized parrots found in Australia.

  • Mulga parrot
  • Superb parrot
  • Princess parrot
  • Eclectus parrot
  • Red-winged parrot
  • Australian king parrot



Corellas in Australia are relatively small cockatoos, endemic to south-western Australia and southern New Guinea. Long-billed corella, Western corella and Little corella eat a variety of wild seeds, can also be found in urban areas of Sydney and Canberra.



The rosella are species of parrot and feeds on seeds, berries, nuts and fruit.
Green rosella, Crimson rosella, Northern rosella, Eastern rosella, Pale-headed rosella and Western rosella are six species of parrot endemic to southern Western Australia.



Rainbow lorikeet species of parrots from Australia are common along the eastern seaboard and found in wooded habitats. There are 8 species of lorikeet found in Australia, Musk lorikeet, Little lorikeet, Purple-crowned lorikeet, Varied lorikeet and Rainbow lorikeet.

  • Musk lorikeet
  • Rainbow lorikeet
  • Coconut lorikeet
  • Red-collared lorikeet



Blue-banded parakeet, Red-crowned parakeet and Tasman parakeet are two known species of parrot from the family Psittaculidae and are endemic to Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island National Park is the best place to spot Norfolk parakeet.



Bluebonnets are one of two species of Australian parrot from Northiella genus, Naretha bluebonnet and eastern bluebonnet are common in the arid Nullarbor region and endemic to area of Western and South Australia.

Australian ringneck is another known species of parrot found in Australia along with Turquoise parrot,Swift parrot,alwal parrot and rock pebbler.

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