10 Amazing Wildlife and Animals of Mexico

Mexico is home to amazing mammal species and wide array of birds, Most of the animals are critically endangered species and the region is biodiversity hotspot. Amazing wildlife and animals of Mexico includes Fox Squirrel, Lowland paca, spider monkey,porcupine,Jackrabbit,Mexican spinytail iguana, Jaguar,Jaguarundi,peccary and Pronghorn. Image Credit- Google.com [ We do NOT use the images for professional use, it only for display purpose, Please report us for any issue and will remove it.

Mexican Rattlesnake


Mexican Rattlesnake or Crotalus basiliscus is a large size and venomous pit viper species, found in western Mexico. This Mexican west coast rattlesnake is one of the largest rattlesnake species in the world.



Ocelot is a medium-sized wild cat and similar in appearance to a clouded leopard or jaguar. The ocelot wild cat found in the forest of Mexico and also distributed in South American countries.

Greater Grison


Greater Grison are mustelid and native to Americas and southern Mexico. The Greater Grison found in cultivated areas,trees and has two extant species.


White nosed coati or coatimundi are found in Mexico and New Mexico,member of the raccoon family. The coati are diurnal mammal but the raccoon and ringtail are nocturnal.

Mexican Spinytail Iguana

Mexican Spinytail Iguana is medium-sized lizard,found in western Mexico. The Mexican Iguana is most frequently imported species and one of the illegal hunting and trading lizard.



Mexican mouse opossum is an arboreal species from Didelphidae family,mostly found dry deciduous forest and rainforest. The Opossum or possums are the only marsupial found in Mexico and North America.


Tamandua is one of the two species anteaters, live in grassland and forest of southeastern Mexico. The mexicana tamanduas anteater are nocturnal and much smaller than giant anteaters.

Mexican Redknee Tarantula

Mexican Redknee Tarantula is one of the large species of terrestrial tarantula, found in mountain ranges in Mexico. The Mexican redknee spider are one of the most well-known tarantula.

Eastern Kingsnake


Kingsnakes are colubrid species, endemic to Mexico and  United States. The eastern kingsnakes eat other venomous snakes and one of the most popular species of snake to kept in captivity along with Mexican black kingsnakes.

Mexican Wolf


Mexican Wolf is one of the smaller species of Canidae and subspecies of gray wolf. The wolf is endangered and rarest subspecies of gray wolf in the world.

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