10 Dangerously Deadliest Snakes of South Africa

Black Mamba is the most feared of snakes in the world but the Puff Adder actually is responsible for most deaths due to snakebites in Africa. The most dangerous snakes in South Africa also include Causinae or night adder, Snouted cobra and Berg Adder.

Black Mamba


The Black Mamba is an ambush predator and the longest species of venomous snake found in Africa. Black mamba is diurnal and its venom is extremely toxic, hence regarded as the dangerously deadliest and feared snake of South Africa.

Puff Adder


Puff Adder or Bitis arietans viper species is responsible for causing the most snakebites in Africa, found in savannah and grasslands.

Cape Cobra


Cape Cobra is the highly venomous species of cobra, found in South Africa throughout the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The Cape cobra vary widely in colouration, from golden brown to orange, yellow and even black.



Boomslang is a venomous snake with exceptionally large eyes and not at all harmless to humans like other Colubridae snakes. The boomslang bites has a highly potent venom but slow acting symptoms.


Rinkhals are not the true cobra but have hood and belongs to the monotypic genus. The Rinkhals species found mostly in Cape province of South Africa and also known to fake death.

Gaboon Viper


Gaboon Viper is the largest viper species found in Africa, mostly at the northeast KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. The nocturnal viper can produces the largest quantities of venom and has the longest fangs of any other venomous snakes in the world.

Forest Cobra

Forest Cobra or the black cobra species is native to Africa and the largest true cobra species found in Savanna habitats. The forest cobra is Africa’s largest and longest cobra, found in savanna and grassland.

Twig Snake

Twig Snake or vine snakes are among the highly venomous snakes with distinctive in appearance. Vine snakes are from the family of Colubridae and an excellent camouflaged tree snakes.

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra mostly found in KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa and the most common species of cobra in savanna and one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa.

Green Mamba


Eastern Green Mamba is another highly venomous mamba snake, mostly inhabits the coastal regions of South Africa. The large tree dwelling green mamba well camouflaged in trees and rarely found in open terrain.

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