12 Amazing Wild Animals Found in Sri Lanka Island

Sri Lanka is home to the finest wild animals in South Asia and a wildlife hotspot with countless national parks and forest reserves. The small island of Sri Lanka has wonder of forest and wild animals such as birds, reptiles and home to large population of elephants,sloth bear and leopards.

Sri Lankan Junglefowl


Sri Lankan Junglefowl also known as the Ceylon jungle fowl is the national bird of Sri Lanka. Wali Kukula is closely related to the red junglefowl, commonly spotted at Kitulgala, Yala and Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

Toque Macaque


Toque Macaque also known as the rilewa in Sinhala language is a old world small sized monkey endemic to Sri Lanka. Toque macaque are listed as endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting.

Golden Palm Civet


Golden Palm Civet is endemic to Sri Lanka hill regions and the only civet species that is found exclusively in the country. This small civet has a golden brown coat and remains arboreal on the tress.

Purple Faced Langur


Purple Faced Langur is a species of old world monkey that is endemic to Sri Lanka. This long tailed arboreal monkey of Sri Lanka is one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world.

Sri Lankan Elephant


Sri Lankan Elephants are subspecies of the Asian elephant and has been listed as endangered. Sri Lanka has the highest density of elephants in Asia and the population is restricted Udawalawe National Park and Yala National Park.

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear


Sri Lankan Sloth Bear found in lowland dry forests of the Sri Lankan island. Yala National Park pf Sri Lanka is the most famous place to spot Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard and Sri Lankan Elephant.Image- srilankansafari

Sri Lankan Leopard


Sri Lankan Leopards are native to Sri Lanka island and found in all habitats throughout the island. Yala National Park has one of the highest leopard densities in the world.

Sri Lankan Flying Snake


Sri Lankan Flying Snake known as Chrysopelea taprobanica is a species of gliding snake distributed Sri Lanka and India. The snake is known as dangara dandaa in local language, found in dry zone lowlands national parks of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Krait

Sri Lankan Krait is the highly venomous species of elapid snake, endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan krait is nocturnal and feeds mainly on small reptiles,mammals and frogs.

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill


Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill is one of the endemic resident bird of Sri Lanka, found in forest habitats. These birds are omnivores and known as Alu Kadatta in the Sinhala Language of Sri Lanka.

Red Faced Malkoha


Red Faced Malkoha species of bird is endemic to Sri Lanka and member of the cuckoo family. They are found in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve and Sri Lanka lowland rain forests ecoregion.

Grizzled Giant Squirrel


Grizzled Giant Squirrel is a large tree squirrel native to highland riparian forests of Sri Lanka. Ratufa macroura also found in Kerala and Tamil Nadu state of India. In Addition, Sri Lanka island is home to two species of crocodiles, giant python, Sri Lanka wood pigeon,Crested serpent eagle and white-bellied sea eagle.

Top 8 Best National Parks of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka island has the highest biodiversity density in Asia and has 24 declared wildlife reserves. The island has four biosphere reserves and home to amazing wildlife of Scorpions,Spiders,Amphibians, Reptiles and
Birds.Image – ridingthebuses

  • Yala National Park
  • Uda Walawe National Park
  • Kumana National Park
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve
  • Bundala National Park
  • Wilpattu National Park
  • Horton Plains National Park
  • Lunugamvehera National Park

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