12 Desert Wild Animals of United Arab Emirates

The Arabian Peninsula supports variety of wildlife habitat likes sand dunes, mountain slopes and mangrove areas. Wild Animals of United Arab Emirates also includes Botta’s serotine, Blanford’s fox, Brandt’s hedgehog and Cape hare.

Arabian Leopard

Arabian Leopard is the Critically Endangered leopard subspecies, lives in mountainous steppes of Judaean Desert.

Arabian Wolf

Arabian Wolf lives in the Arabian peninsula, The omnivorous wolf is so rare now and only found in small pockets of Saudi Arabia, Israel and western Iraq.

Arabian Oryx


Arabian Oryx antelope is the smallest member of its genus and the national animal of the United Arab Emirates.

Arabian Tahr

Arabian Tahr is a endangered Arabian animal that gets royal protection from UAE. The smallest species of tahr is lives on steep rocky slopes of United Arab Emirates.

Arabian Sand Gazelle

Sand gazelle is a subspecies of Goitered gazelle, mostly found in dry region of Iran, Iraq and United Arab Emirates. Gazella marica is classified as Vulnerable and survive only in small numbers.

Arabian Red Fox

Arabian Red Fox is native to Arabia and well adapted to desert life of UAE and Saudi Arabia. The Arabian red fox is a solitary animal and most active at night.

Arabian Sand Cat

Arabian Sand Cat is a small and shy animal that only active in desert at night. The rare and elusive Arabian sand cat living foremost in true desert.

Arabian Toad

Arabian Toad found in natural habitats of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This species of Toad is endemic to the Arabian Peninsula.



Deathstalker Scorpion found in desert habitats of Arabian Desert. Arabian Desert is the fourth largest desert in the world and stretches from Oman to United Arab Emirates.

Carpet Viper

Carpet Viper or known as saw scaled viper in India is a highly venomous viper species, found in the dry region of  Africa, India and Middle East.

Horned Viper


Horned Viper or horned desert viper species is native to Middle East. The venomous viper also use Sidewinding motion to move across desert sands of United Arab Emirates.


Peregrine -Falcon

Falcons are diurnal birds of prey and is the national bird of United Arab Emirates. Falconry is the most popular sport in the UAE, Saker and Peregrine falcons are used for Falconry.

Wildlife of The United Arab Emirates also include  Striped Hyena,Deathstalker Scorpion,Desert Hedgehog, Golden jackal,Wildcat,Blanford’s Fox, Cape hare and Iranian cheetah.

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