15 Incredible Wildlife And Lemurs of Madagascar

Madagascar island is the world’s fourth largest island,Situated off the southeast coast of Africa and split from the Indian peninsula. The island of Madagascar is known for unique wildlife, diverse ecosystems and biodiversity hotspot for amazing and unique wildlife that is found nowhere else on Earth. Geography, Climate and Environment of Madagascar is home to abundance of plants and endangered animals such as carnivorous fossa,endemic strepsirrhine primate lemurs and many birds.

Ring Tailed Lemur


Ring-tailed lemur is the most popular species of lemur endemic to the island of Madagascar. The ring-tailed lemur is one of the most terrestrial of species of lemur from the island but listed as endangered.



Indri is one of the largest living species of lemurs, native to Madagascar island and categorized as critically endangered. The indri lemur is related to the sifakas,inhabits the lowland,coast of Madagascar and montane forests.

Diademed Sifaka


Diademed Sifakas are the critically endangered species of sifaka and one of the largest living lemur in the world. The diademed sifaka is the most colorful and attractive species of lemurs,endemic to the rainforests of Madagascar.

Silky Sifaka

Silky Sifaka

Silky Sifaka is large species of lemur,restricted to very small range in northeastern Madagascar. The silky sifaka is one of the rarest mammals on Earth and top most critically endangered primates species.

Verreaux Sifaka


Verreaux’s sifaka is a long tail medium-sized primate lives in Madagascar island and the species is considered as endangered. The white sifaka is an arboreal primate from lemur family and found variety of habitats in Madagascar.

Ruffed Lemur


Ruffed Lemur is the largest extant lemurs,found only on the island of Madagascar. The ruffed lemurs are highly vocal and one of the most frugivorous species in the member of the Lemuridae family.

Sportive Lemur


Sportive Lemur live on the island of Madagascar,spend most of their time on trees. The northern sportive lemur is the rarest and one of the most endangered lemur species the world.

Crowned Lemur

crowned lemur

Crowned Lemur is one of the most amazing species found in the northern Madagascar island. The crowned lemur is a medium-sized lemur endemic to deciduous forests.

Aye Aye


Aye Aye is a strepsirrhine primate and the largest nocturnal species of primate native to Madagascar. The aye aye is known for its unusual method of finding food in the wood holes.



Fossa is the only predator and carnivorous mammal of Madagascar island,closely related to civets cats and mongoose. The fossa has cat like appearance and the largest mammalian carnivore of Madagascar,who actively hunts lemurs and the endemic primates.



Mantella are small frogs endemic to Madagascar rainforest in the combinations of yellow,black,orange,blue and green. The mantella frogs are among the most spectacular and brightly colored frogs but Golden mantella frog is poisonous.

Great Frigatebird


Great Frigate Bird is the large seabird feeds on fish and has one of the biggest wingspan of family Fregatidae. The Greater Frigatebird are found in tropical waters of the Pacific and Madagascar.

Darwin’s Bark Spider

Darwin’s Bark Spider has one of the largest orb web and also produces the toughest spider web in the world. This species of spider is one of the known seven species present in the region of Madagascar.

Comet Moth


Comet Moth is one of the giant comet moth from Madagascar,native to the rain forests of Madagascar island. The Comet moth is world’s largest silk moths and one of the worlds most impressive moths.

Panther Chameleon


Panther Chameleon has most spectacular colour variations of all chameleons found in Madagascar. The panther chameleon has the different patterns and colors with very long tongue.

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