Top 15 Largest Living Reptiles in The Wild World

Wild World is home to largest collection of rare reptilians such as longest saltwater crocodile,biggest Reticulated Python,heaviest Green Anaconda and heaviest venomous snake Diamondback Rattlesnake. Giant reptiles of World also includes Chinese Ratsnake,Iguana, pit viper snake,New Caledonian Giant Gecko,Nile monitor and Australian Monitor.

Saltwater Crocodile


Saltwater Crocodiles are the largest of all living reptiles in the world,resides in saline mangrove swamps, river deltas and lagoons. The saltwater crocodile is an apex predator and extremely rare crocodile in the Indian subcontinent,found mostly in Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary of Odisha and Sundarbans National Park.

Nile Crocodile


Nile Crocodiles are the world’s second largest extant reptile living in Sub-Saharan Africa regions and an opportunistic apex predator. This aggressive species of crocodile is also an ambush predator and responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year.

Leatherback Sea Turtle


Leatherback Sea Turtles are the largest tortoises and one of the largest reptiles on earth. These sea turtles are fourth-heaviest reptiles,found in all tropical and subtropical oceans.

Reticulated Python


Reticulated Python is the longest and largest snakes in the world and also one of the top three heaviest snakes. This species is the largest snake native to South Asia and India, Its attractive pattern, distinctive color and huge size makes it one of the exotic pet.

Green Anaconda


The Giant Green Anaconda is the heaviest snake on planet earth and one of the longest living snake species. The green anaconda is non-venomous water boa species found in swamps, marshes and rainforests ofSouth America.

Burmese Python


Burmese Python is a semi-aquatic species of snake native to Southeast Asia and listed as one of the top five world’s largest species of snakes. The dark colored Burmese python snakes are one of the exotic pet reptile in Florida and become an invasive species.

Komodo Dragon


Komodo Dragon is the largest species of living lizard, found in the islands of Komodo Gili Motang of Indonesia. The Komodo dragon or Komodo monitor are carnivores and their saliva contains highly septic bacteria that can kill humans but Komodo dragon avoid encounters with humans.

King Cobra


The magnificent King Cobra is world’s longest living venomous snake,distributed across the Indian subcontinent. King Cobra can grow up to 18.8 ft and its diet mostly consists of other snakes including small pythons and rat snakes.

African Rock Python


African Rock Python is non-venomous snake species,lives in the tropical African savanna and sub-Saharan Africa. Rock pythons are world’s top six largest snake species and Africa’s largest snake, exceed upto 20 ft in the wild.

Gaboon Viper


Gaboon Viper is an extremely venomous viper species of snake,found in savannas,rainforest and evergreen forests in Zambia. This species is world’s heaviest viperid and famous for its longest fangs

Boa Constrictor


Boa Constrictor is one of the heavy bodied snake found only in North and South America, and very popular within the exotic pet. The Boa constrictors are powerful snakes and found in most different habitats including islands,the coasts and tropical rainforest.



Bushmaster is one of the longest spcies of venomous pit vipers, found in South America. This snake is the longest venomous snake in the Western Hemisphere with total length of 12 feet and famous for injection of large amounts of venom.

Malayan Water Monitor


Malayan Water Monitor is known as Asian water monitor lizard,found throughout Asia and Indian subcontinent. Asian water monitor are second largest species of monitor lizard and most common lizards in India and Sri Lanka.

Aldabra Giant Tortoise


Aldabra Giant Tortoise is one of the largest tortoises in the world and giant species of Tortoise native to the Aldabra Islands in the Indian ocean. Giant tortoises are the herbivorous animal and also the largest animal in its environment.

Green Iguana


Green Iguana is one of the best-known reptiles in the world and very popular as the exotic pet. The green iguana known as the American iguana is an arboreal herbivorous lizard,native to South America and Caribbean.


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