15 Must See Unique Wild Animals of South America

South America is many species of fantastic animals and finest wildlife hot spots on earth with longest continental mountain range in the world. Some of the finest wildlife includes Giant Turtle, Anaconda, Piranha,Eel,Black Caiman and other must see wild animals of South America also includes Armadillo,Dart Frog,big snake and giant river monsters fish.



Jaguar is the largest feline and third big cat in the world after lions and tigers. The Jaguar is also the largest cat in the Americas, an ambush predator and a keystone species of Americas.



Sloths or Tree sloths are medium sized tree dwelling mammals, found in the rainforest or jungles of South America. The sloth is the slowest mammal in the world and are best known for slow motion lifestyle.



Guanaco animal is native to South America, especially mountainous regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The Guanacos are one of the largest species of wild mammal of the camelid family, found in South America.



Capybara is world’s largest rodent, found throughout almost all the densely forested areas near bodies of water in South America. The semi-aquatic mammals is the most favorite food of anaconda and jaguar.

Giant Anteater


Giant Anteater is one of the big four living species of anteaters and the largest one, found in Central and South America. The giant anteater is listed as vulnerable and protected species in the Amazon.

Piraiba Catfish


Piraiba Catfish is another giant Amazon river monster and one of the largest species of catfish. Brachyplatystoma are found in the Amazon river and an important food fish for humans.

Toco Toucan


Toco Toucan is South America’s largest and most famous species in the toucan family, habitats tropical forests, grassland, savannas and shrubland. The Toco toucan bird is one of the most beautiful colorful bird along with Keel-billed toucan in South America.

Scarlet Macaw


Scarlet Macaw is very colourful parrot from Macaws family and largest parrots in the world. This brightly colored birds are native to evergreen forests of South America, Red and green macaw,Blue-throated macaw and Blue and yellow macaw are the few of them.



Tamarin are small sized new world monkeys found in Amazon basin and open forest areas through central South America. Lion tamarin,emperor tamarin and Golden lion tamarin are few well known species of tamarin from Brazil and Peru.



Capuchin monkeys are one of the most intelligent New World monkeys,found in Central America and South America. The capuchin are also called as greyhound jockey,only live in the trees within different forest types.



Tapirs are a pig like herbivorous animal and one of the five species of Tapir,forest regions of South America. Tapir is one of the most magnificent animal,closely related to horses and rhinos also largest indigenous mammal in Central America.

Maned Wolf


Maned Wolf is one of the unique and very unusual member of the wild dog family, found in South America. This mammal is not a true wolf actually but the largest canid of South America,inhabits grasslands and scrublands.

Giant Otter


Giant Otters are largest of the otter species found in South American river system. The giant otter is also the longest member of otter family of the Amazon River and one of the most endangered mammal in South America.

Eyelash Viper


Eyelash Viper is one of the most beautiful species of snake,found in Central and South America. This yellow colored venomous pit viper species is also the most dangerous and deadly snake lives in the rainforest of America.



The anaconda is the largest and heaviest group of snakes found in jungle of tropical South America. Green anaconda of Venezuela is the largest living species of Anaconda and one of the must see reptiles in the world.


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