15 Terrifying and Amazing Creatures Of Amazon River

Amazon River Basin is home to world’s largest species of wild animal,birds,reptiles and terrifying fish. The most amazing creatures Of Amazon river includes Payara,Piranha,Eel,Piraiba catfish and Black Caiman. Here is the list predatory fish found in the Amazon river basin along with some amazing river creatures such as dart frog, Capybara, Green Iguana,Manatee and Tucuxi and Pink Dolphin.

Red Piranha

Red-Bellied Piranha

Red Bellied Piranha is an omnivorous freshwater fish,found in the Amazon River Basin of South America. The red-bellied piranha are predatory fish and famous for hunting behavior.



Pacu are related to predatory Piranha but larger than piranha,found in South American rivers including the Amazon and Orinoco river. The Pacu is a large freshwater fish and also used in the aquarium trade.



Payara fish also known as Vampire Fish is one of the strange river monster and predatory fish found in the Amazon river. The payara featured first time in popular show river monsters in Animal Planet.

Black Caiman


Black Caiman is one of the most impressive aquatic hunter, lives on the Amazon basin and freshwater river,lakes of South America. The black caiman is the largest river predator of the Amazon ecosystem and one of the biggest reptile in the water world.

Redtail Catfish


Redtail Catfish is second largest species of Amazon river catfish,named because of its red color fin. The redtail catfish also known as pirarara is the regarded as one of the true big cats of the aquatic world.

Electric Eel


Electric Eel is one of the most terrifying creature of Amazon river and only species of electric fish in the world. The electric eels are capable of generating high voltage electric shock in water and that’s make it the real river monster of Amazon.

Green Anaconda


The most amazing Green anaconda or common anaconda is world’s heaviest snake,found only in the Amazon river basin and rainforest of South America. This non-venomous species of water boa is also one of the longest snakes in the world along with reticulated python.



Arapaima is the largest species of freshwater fish,native to the Amazon basins of South America. The giant Arapaima is an incredible freshwater species of bonytongue and an important food fish.



Piraiba or Brachyplatystoma is the largest species of the Amazon catfish,found in Orinoco and Amazon river basin. The Piraiba is a real giant Amazon river monster fish and sometime called as freshwater Shark.

Bull Shark


Bull Sharks are one of the most aggressive animals on Earth and can be found in both saltwater and freshwater. The Bull Shark has been reported from Amazon river basin in Nicaragua,Peru,Bolivia and Brazilian Amazon.

Giant Leech

Amazon Giant Leech is a monster leech of Amazon Basin and of one of the world’s largest species of leeches. Haementeria ghilianii can grow to 450 mm and has extremely large teeth, live from the Guianas to the Amazon river.


River stingrays or Amazon river freshwater stingrays are greatest species of freshwater fishes,found in rivers in South America. The freshwater stingrays are one of the most feared freshwater monster in the region, mostly live in the Amazon.

Mata Mata Turtle


Mata Mata Turtle is one of the largest species of freshwater turtle found in riverine ecosystem of South America. The amazing mata mata has neck is longer than the backbone and best known for its form of camouflage.


Candiru or Toothpick fish is the most terrifying species of parasitic freshwater fish of Amazon river. This small fish inhabit the Amazon and Orinoco basins and parasitize especially Amazonian catfish.

Giant Otter


Giant Otter is one of the world’s longest river otter and one of the top predator of South America’s river basin. The giant otter mostly live in and along the Amazon River and an apex predator in riverine ecosystem.

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