35 Most Amazing New and Old Monkeys in The World

There are two major types of monkeys in the world, New World and Old World. Lemurs of Madagascar, lorises, and galagos are not monkeys, they are Primates. Primates of the world also include Gibbon, Nomascus, Siamang,Diademed sifaka, Lemur, lorises and Tarsier.

Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin Monkeys are the very intelligent monkeys, found in South America and Central America. The species is also diurnal and arboreal and feed on range of food.

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkeys are are found in the evergreen rain forests of South America, The New World monkeys contains seven species, four species as endangered and two species of spider monkey are critically endangered.

Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel Monkeys are small species of New World monkey, found in the tropical forest of South America. squirrel monkeys are also diurnal and arboreal, Like most of other New World monkeys.

Howler Monkey


Howler Monkeys are one of the largest species of New World monkeys, native to the forest of South and Central America. Howler monkey species live in groups and famous for their loud sound like howls.

Colobus Monkey

Black and white colobus monkeys are Old World monkeys, live in higher density forest of western central Africa and Mahale Mountains in Tanzania. Red colobus, King colobus and Black white colobus are among the most beautiful primates in the world.

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkeys are native to Africa and found throughout the Southern area of Africa. They are mostly herbivorous monkeys in the world and known to have human like characteristics.

Blue Monkey

Blue Monkeys are not actually blue in color but the little hair give them a blue appearance. The blue monkeys live in evergreen and bamboo forest of Angola and Zambia.

Green Monkey

Green Monkeys with golden green fur are found in a wide range of habitats, mostly in Senegal woodland, Gambia edge of rainforests and around the Volta river system of Ghana.

Mangabey Monkey

Mangabey species of primates are found in coastal and mangrove forest of Africa. The collared mangabey, Crested mangabey, Sooty mangabey and highland mangabey are few mangabey native to tropical Africa.

Leaf Monkey

Leaf Monkeys are arboreal species of lutung and feeds on leaves. There are several subspecies of leaf monkeys such as Phayre’s leaf monkey, Maroon leaf monkey, Dusky leaf monkey and Tonkin leaf monkey.

Proboscis Monkey


Proboscis Monkey also known as long nosed monkey is a endemic primate of the island of Borneo. This monkey is one of the largest species of monkey native to Asia.



Mandrills primate are the largest monkeys in the world and part of the Old World monkey group. They are more looks like baboons and found in countries of Congo, Cameroon and Gabon.


Baboons are Old World monkeys and one of the largest primate in the World. There are five species of Papio Baboons and the Olive baboons are most common in Africa.

Mantled Guereza

Mantled Guereza is a type of Old World monkey native to east Africa. The diurnal and arboreal guereza is an adaptable species and lives in both deciduous and evergreen forest.

Roloway Monkey

Roloway Monkeys are endangered species of monkey found in the forest of Sierra Leone and West Africa. The species is one of the most endangered monkeys of Ghana.



Tamarin Monkey is a small New World monkey and an endangered species of Brazil. The tamarin are squirrel sized monkeys which include Emperor tamarin or mustache monkey,Black tamarin and golden lion tamarin.


Marmoset Monkeys are found in Amazon basin region of Brazil and prefer dense forest. Goeldi’s marmoset, Common marmoset,White marmoset and Wied’s marmoset are few marmoset species endemic to Brazil.


Uakari is the common name for list of New World bald monkeys. There four species of uakari found in Amazon basin, bald uakari is found in the Amazon of Brazil and Peru.

Saki Monkey

Saki Monkeys are live in Amazon forest of South America. Bearded saki, White saki, Napo saki and Guianan saki are found in the parts of Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.


Muriqui Monkeys are one of the two largest species of New World monkeys as well as most endangered of all the world’s monkeys, found only Brazil.

Woolly Monkey

Woolly monkeys are New World monkeys found in the rainforests of South America. The species include Brown woolly monkey,Gray woolly monkey, Silvery woolly monkey and Colombian woolly monkey.

Snub Nosed Monkey

Snub Nosed Monkeys live in Asia and southern China. There are five species of snub nosed monkey, inhabit mountain forest of China, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Night Monkey

Night Monkeys are the only species of nocturnal monkeys,native to Panama in South America. The night monkey species include Panamanian night monkey,Three striped night monkey and Black headed night monkey.


The species of guenon also include White throated guenon, Greater spot nosed monkey,Red tailed monkey and Mona monkey. Nigerian monkey or Sclater’s guenon is a arboreal and diurnal primate that found in the wild forest of Nigeria.

Other widespread African Guenon primates also include Sykes Monkey, Golden Monkey,Silver Monkey,Diana Monkey, Brazza’s monkey, Mona monkey and Red tailed monkey.

Shanked Douc Monkey

Shanked Douc Monkeys are most colourful species of all primates, listed as endangered and found in Southeast Asia of Laos and Vietnam.


Surili Monkey are slim primates found in nearby islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Java in Indonesia. Indonesia island is a biodiversity hotspot and home to very rare species of primates in the world.

White Headed Langur

White Headed Langur is among the rarest primates of the world. The Critically Endangered rarest primate also considered as one of The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates.

Gray Langur/ Hanuman Langur


Gray Langur or Hanuman langurs are Old World monkeys with seven species. Hanuman langurs are found in the urban areas on the Indian subcontinent, from wooded habitats to Himalayas.

Nilgiri Langur

Nilgiri Langur lutung is found in the Nilgiri Hills of India. This primate is listed as vulnerable and lives in a group of ten monkeys on the Hills of Western Ghats.

Golden Langur

Gee’s golden langur is only found in the small region of Assam India and one of the most endangered primate species of India along with Lion Tailed Macaque.

Capped Langur

Capped Langur species of primate is found across the forests of Northeast India and near by countries. There are four subspecies of capped langur, feed mostly on fruits, leaves and flowers.

Rhesus Macaque


Rhesus macaques are Old World monkeys native to India and neighboring Southeast Asia. They are diurnal animals live in troops close to human settlements as well as on grasslands.

Lion Tailed Macaque

Lion Tailed Macaque are endemic and endangered primate of India, live in the Western Ghats of South India and ranks among the small species of macaques.

Black Macaque

Celebes crested macaque is an old monkey that lives in the island of Indonesia. Black Macaque is a terrestrial and diurnal rain forest dweller primate, listed as Critically Endangered.

Japanese Macaque/ Snow Monkey

Japanese Macaque are also known as snow monkey that is native to snow covers of Japan. The snow monkeys are diurnal and very intelligent species of primate.

Other well known species of macaques are Bonnet Macaque, Barbary macaque, Tibetan Macaque, Toque Macaque,Stump tailed macaque, Crab eating macaque, Southern pig tailed macaque, Arunachal Macaque,Assam Macaque and Taiwanese macaque.

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