Africa’s 15 Large Herbivorous Animals of Savanna

Herbivore animals are naturally survive on plants, These animals are one of the biggest living creatures in the world. Here is the list of large herbivorous animals of Savanna grassland along with some medium size deer such as Springbok, Hippo,Bushbuck,Okapi,gazelle,Oribi and Impala.



African Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth,found south of the Sahara Desert to the south of Africa. Forest elephant of Africa is also the third-largest living terrestrial animal.



Giraffe is the tallest living land mammal in the world, usually inhabit grasslands,woodlands and savannah. The giraffe are also found in desert environment,still found in numerous national parks and game reserves.



Zebra is the most common and widespread species found in Africa and one of the animals most familiar to people. There are closest relatives the horses and donkeys ,occur in a variety of habitats of savannas.



The black and white rhinoceros are species of Rihno native to Africa grasslands,woodlands and savannah. African rhinoceros are famous for their large size horns and second largest land mammal in the world.

African Buffalo


Cape buffalo is one of the large African bovine and the largest one found in South Africa.  African cape buffalo is regarded as very dangerous animal and member of the big five game of Africa.



Kudu has two species of antelope found in eastern Africa and southern Africa,named as Lesser kudu and Greater kudu. Greater kudu is one of the largest species of antelope and largest woodland antelope found in the east in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Eritrea and Kenya.



Eland is a savanna antelope found in East and Southern Africa. Giant eland and Common eland are two largest species of antelope,native to Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo.



Sable antelope is one of the most impressive antelopes, inhabits savanna woodlands of southern and East Africa. The sable antelope live in savanna grasslands and one of the most endangered antelope in Africa due to habitat destruction and poaching.



Nyala is a species of Bovidae family and a spiral-horned antelope native to southern Africa. The nyala is actually a middle-sized antelope and considered the most sexually dimorphic antelope, inhabits dense lowland woodlands and thicket forest.



Gemsbok is a large antelope found in the Kalahari Desert regions of Southern Africa and hunted for their spectacular horns. Oryx or Gemsbok are one of the few antelope species native to arid parts of Africa but also found in Arabian Peninsula.



Topi species is a medium-sized antelope and one of the most common widespread antelopes species in Africa. The large and handsome antelope is also a highly social and fast antelope species found in the semi-desert and savanna.



Roan antelope is one of the largest bovid found in woodland and grassland savanna of Southern Africa. Roan antelope are one of the largest species of antelope and similar in appearance to sable antelope.



Waterbuck is semi aquatic large antelope,found widely in sub-Saharan Africa.  The waterbuck is a gregarious animal found in water,swamps,scrub areas alongside rivers, lakes and valleys.



Hartebeest is a Gregarious African antelope and a popular game animal due to its highly regarded meat. The hartebeest inhabiting dry savannas and wooded grasslands in the Nairobi National Park of Kenya.



Wildebeest is a large member of the Bovidae family and genus of antelopes and is the most abundant big game species of Africa grassland. The Wildebeest are a tourist attraction and the Migration, is one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.


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