Top 15 Most Beautiful Birds Found in Australia

Australia is the paradise for bird lover’s, from large flightless birds to small finch and native bird of paradise.

The most beautiful birds of Australia include Galah Cockatoo,Fig parrot,tricolored lory,Australian ringneck,Noisy miner,  Wattlebirds, Greenfinch, Green catbird, New Holland honeyeater and Regent Bowerbird.



The Budgerigars are small seed eating parrot, found is the drier parts of Australia with green, yellow with black plumage. Budgerigars are very close to small fig parrot, rainbow lorikeet, Dusky lory and tricolored lory.


Cockatoos are the most popular birds of Australia and the range also include Philippines, New Guinea and Indonesian islands. The Moluccan cockatoo, Palm cockatoo, black cockatoo,Gang gang cockatoo, White cockatoo and Sulphur crested cockatoo are the most famous species of cockatoo parrots found in Australia.

Cockatiel, corella and Galah are household pets and second most popular caged bird in the world, only to the budgerigar.

Bird of Paradise


Bird of paradise are found in eastern Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. The members of this bird family are highly colorful and known for the plumage patterns, particularly male during the breeding season.

The brown sicklebill,Ribbon tailed astrapia,Wilson’s bird of paradise,Raggiana bird of paradise and Greater bird of paradise are few well known bird of paradise found in Australia.

Australian King Parrot

Australian king parrot found in small groups with rosella birds, from Queensland to Victoria. The king parrots are large,colorful and beautiful parrot species from Australia.

Rainbow Lorikeet


Rainbow lorikeet parrot mostly found in woodland areas and eastern seaboard of Australia. The true parrots are medium sized parrot and very popular bird of pet trade along with Australian ringneck,black cockatoo and Purple lorikeet.

The medium sized parrots are widely distributed throughout the Australasian region. Lories and lorikeets of Australia also include tricolored lory, Chattering lory, Musk lorikeet and Dusky lory.


Bowerbirds are renowned for unique behaviour to build a structure and decorate nest with brightly coloured objects. Satin Bowerbird, Golden bowerbird and Regent Bowerbird are few species of bowerbird and closely related to the birds of paradise.

Superb Lyrebird


Superb lyrebird is noted for excellent mimicry and largest songbirds found in Australia. The Australian songbird is endemic to forest of Victoria and Queensland.

Variegated Fairywren

Variegated fairywren is a small brightly coloured bird, mostly found in Australia and lowland New Guinea. The variegated fairywren notable for its sexual dimorphism.

Gouldian Finch


Gouldian finch is the most beautiful and colourful passerine bird found in Australia. The Zebra Finch, red browed finch and greenfinch are few less brightly coloured but beautiful birds of Australia.

Eastern Rosella

Eastern rosella found in woodlands and bushlands of eastern Australia. These bird species are popular as pet parrots, found across Tasmania islands and also introduced to New Zealand.


Kookaburra birds are tree kingfishers and their habitats ranging from Australia to New Guinea. The Laughing kookaburra is the largest kingfisher of Australia and known for its distinctive laugh call.

Spinifex Pigeon

Spinifex Pigeon is endemic Australian bird species, found in the arid habitats of Australia. This small pigeon species restricted to its rocky hills habitats and lives nearby by water sources.

Rainbow Bee Eater

Rainbow bee eaters are brilliantly and beautiful coloured birds found in Australia. They are ground nesting birds and found in open woodlands, dunes and forested areas southern Australia.

Australian Magpie

Australian magpie is a black and white bird from passerine family and native to Australia and New Guinea. The distinctive black and white plumage of Australian magpie makes it more beautiful from the other nine subspecies.

Wedge Tailed Eagle


Wedge tailed eagle is one of the largest species of eagle in the world and largest bird of prey in Australia. The large brown bird of prey also found in New Guinea and Tasmania, known to hunt large red kangaroos.

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