Top 10 Dangerous Snakes in The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest on planet earth and home to most amazing creatures such as Anaconda, electric eel, black caiman,dart frog and jaguar. The Amazon river basin and rainforest of Amazonia is also home to world’s biggest snake,The green anaconda,Guyana blind snake,Toadheaded Pitviper, green racer and yararanata pit viper.

Green Anaconda


The green anaconda of the Amazon rainforest is one of the longest and heaviest snake species, spend most of life in or around water. Anacondas are the largest aquatic predator in the Amazon and Orinoco basins, mostly found in Venezuela,Brazil and Peru.

Boa Constrictor


Boa Constrictor are non venomous snakes and one of the largest and powerful snakes in the world. The boa constrictor from the Boidae family found in North and South America along with extreme southern Florida.



Bushmaster snake is second longest venomous snake in the new world, belongs to venomous pit viper family. The Lachesis pit viper found in the forest of South America and the longest type of viper in the world.



Lancehead is highly dangerous pit viper found in the forest of South America and also most common of pit vipers. The golden lancehead is endemic to Brazil and categorized as critically endangered.

Emerald Tree Boa


Emerald Tree Boa is beautiful arboreal non venomous species of boa found in the rainforests. The color and patterns of Emerald tree boa are beautiful and very distinctive among South American snakes.

Eyelash Viper


Eyelash Viper is one of the world’s most beautiful snake but a species of venomous pit viper. The eyelash viper has wide array of color variations but the most common is yellow color eyelash palm viper.



CoralSnake species of venomous elapid snakes and subspecies are found in North America and South America. New World coral snakes species are Guyana blackback coral snake,regal coral snake and annellated coral snake.



Mussurana is a mildly venomous snake and pose no danger to humans but they attack and eat other snakes including venomous. The common mussurana immune to the venom of the other snakes and can preys on rodents and small mammals.

Forest Pitviper


Two striped Forest Pitviper is arboreal species of venomous pitviper found only in the Amazon of South America. This pale green venomous pitviper snake is one of the most dangerous animal in the Amazon rainforest.

Tropical Rattlesnake


Tropical Rattlesnake also known as South American rattlesnake, found in savanna,sea islands and semi arid zones of South America. Crotalus Durissus is the most dangerous species of rattlesnake in South America.


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