Top 10 Flightless Bird Species in The World

There are only few species of Flightless birds in the world,most of them are known as ratites and that includes ostrich, emu, cassowary and rhea. These birds can’t fly but have short wings and they can run well on ground and swim in the ocean, such as Ostrich,Kiwi,Penguin,steamer duck and Weka.



Ostrich is the largest species of flightless bird with powerful long legs. The ostrich bird can run fastest land speed of any other bird and also lays largest eggs of any living bird



Cassowary species is a flightless bird,native to rainforests of New Guinea and Australia. The cassowary birds are one of the most dangerous animal and heaviest bird in Australia.



Emu flightless bird is second tallest bird in the world and one of the largest living bird by height. The emu were endemic to Australia and an important source of meat for Australians.

Emperor Penguin


Emperor Penguins are the largest of all penguins,entire lives on Antarctic ice land. The emperor penguin is tallest and heaviest species of living penguin,breeds in the coldest environment on earth.



Rhea bird is native to South America and closely related to ostrich and emu flightless birds. There are two species greater rhea and lesser rhea,limited within the South American continent to Argentina and Brazil.



Kakapo is a large flightless nocturnal parrot bird, endemic to New Zealand. This yellow-green flightless parrot are an excellent climber,lives in trees roosts under cover and moves around night.



Kiwi is another flightless birds native to New Zealand and the smallest living ratites in the world. The kiwi is a national symbol of New Zealand and well protected in reserves and national parks of the country.

Campbell Teal

Campbell Teal is a small species of dabbling duck,found in island group of New Zealand and listed as endangered. The Campbell teal is one of the world’s rarest duck and the island has extremely small population.

Inaccessible Island Rail

Inaccessible Island rail is the smallest flightless bird in the world of the rail family. The Inaccessible rail is found only on Inaccessible Island.

Galapagos Cormorant


Galapagos Cormorant is also known as Flightless Cormorant and is the only species of cormorant who has lost the ability to fly. The flightless cormorants is endemic to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

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