Top 15 Most Deadly Venomous Snake in The World

The world is home to varieties of venomous snake that most often cause serious snakebites to human,although not all the snakes are poisonous but may cause significant problems. An overview on list of dangerous snakes in the world includes carpet vipers, Russell’s viper,Indian cobra,rattlesnakes and elapids.

Inland Taipan

inland taipan

Inland Taipan is a small-scaled snake that is regarded as the world’s most venomous snake. Taipan is the elapid family snakes that are large, fast-moving and highly venomous along with coastal taipan endemic to Australasia.

Eastern Brown Snake


Eastern Brown Snake is the world’s second most venomous land snake,native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. The eastern brown snake is usually light to dark brown colour Elapidae family snake,found along the East coast of  Australia.

Black Mamba


Black Mamba is Africa’s longest and the world’s fastest snake,endemic to parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Mamba species are tree-dwelling snake and regarded as the most dangerous and feared snake in Africa.

Indian Krait


Indian Krait or Common Krait is member of the big four species of venomous snake, found in the jungles of the Indian subcontinent. The common krait is responsible for the most snakebites on humans in India.



Rattlesnake is a venomous snake native to the America and leading contributor to snakebite injuries in North America. Rattlesnakes are found in almost every type of habitat in America and many domesticated animals are bitten by snakes each year.

Tiger Snake

Tiger -Snake

Tiger Snake is very large and highly venomous snakes found southern regions of Australia. Tiger snakes mostly found in coastal region,wetlands,creeks and found away from mainland Australia.

Philippine Cobra


Philippine Cobra is a highly venomous species of spitting cobra, native to the Philippines and can be found on the islands of Luzon and Mindoro. The Philippine Cobra habitat also includes forested regions,grasslands,paddy fields and jungles of northern Philippines.

Russell Viper


Russell’s Viper is the member of big four Indian snake and responsible for causing the most snakebite incidents anddeaths among all venomous snakes in India. Russell’s viper and Saw-scaled viper are two viper species in India and listed as most venomous snakes in India.

Death Adder


Death Adder species of elapid snakes are among the most venomous snakes in the world,native to Australia and New Guinea. Species of death adder is one of the most venomous land snakes in Australia.



Lancehead  is a dangerously venomous species of pit viper, found in lowlands of northern South America. Bothrops atrox are generally terrestrial,nocturnal and excellent swimmer with amazing color pattern from brown to gray.



Copperhead is a species of pit viper venomous snake endemic to Eastern North America but also occupies a variety of different habitats. These snakes are generally not aggressive and feeds on frogs, lizards and smaller snakes.

Coral Snake


Coral Snakes are extremely venomous and highly poisonous snakes,most notable for their red, yellow,white and black colored banding. Coral snakes are not aggressive and found in scattered localities in North America.

Puff Adder


Puff Adder is highly venomous viper species found in savannah and grasslands of Africa and responsible for the most snakebite fatalities in Africa. The species is also known as African puff adder but its pattern varies geographically with dark bands.



Boomslang is a Colubridae family venomous snake, native to Sub-Saharan Africa. The Boomslangs are arboreal and dangerously venomous to human, usually found in trees and shrubs.

King Cobra


King Cobra species is the world’s longest venomous snake,predominantly found in forests across the Indian subcontinent. The king cobra is the most dangerous snake and its diet consists primarily of other snakes.

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