Top 15 Largest and Heaviest Flying Birds on Earth

The largest and heaviest birds are now extinct who are capable to flight but following is a list of the heaviest and largest living bird specie, found in plains, mountains,riverside and forest. Some other largest flying birds also includes Great Indian Bustard,Marabou stork,Wandering Albatross,Thick billed raven,Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Bengal Florican,Trumpeter Swan,Indian Great horned owl, Great Potoo,California Condors,Toco Toucan,Hyacinth Macaw and Wandering Albatross.

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard is the second largest flying bird found throughout Africa and four species are found in India and Australia. The kori bustard occurs in grassy area,grassland and densely wooded land of southern Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

Andean Condor


Andean Condor is a new world vulture and the largest species of vulture family with biggest wingspans. The scavenger condor is one of the largest flying bird in the world,found in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Dalmatian Pelican


Dalmatian Pelican is the biggest member of pelican family, breeds in swamps and shallow lakes of India and Europe. This huge bird is one of the big flying bird and largest living pelican bird species in the world.

Sarus Crane


Sarus Crane is the tallest flying bird in the world, found in parts of the Indian Subcontinent. The non-migratory bird is listed as vulnerable and are amongst the heaviest cranes,mostly distributed on the lowlands of India.

Harpy Eagle


Harpy Eagle is largest and most powerful birds of prey in the world,inhabits tropical lowland rainforests. The harpy eagle is an apex predator and also the largest extant species of eagles in the world.

Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross is the largest birds in the world having largest wingspan of any living bird. This is also one of the most far ranging birds, breeds on South Georgia Island and Macquarie Island.

Great Hornbill


Great Indian Hornbill is the larger members of the hornbill family,found in the forests of India and Southeast Asia. The large bird has very impressive size,bright yellow black colour and massive bill.

Secretary Bird


Secretary Bird is a very large raptor or bird of prey, found in sub-Saharan region of Africa in grasslands and savannah. The Secretarybird has an eagle-like head,crane-like legs and hunting its prey on foot.

Philippine Eagle


Philippine Eagle is one of the largest eagle in the world but has an extremely small population in the forests of Philippines. The Philippine eagle is also known as the monkey-eating bird and most powerful eagle of the world.

Great Grey Owl


Great Grey Owl is world’s largest species of owl found across the Northern Hemisphere. Its great size,large head and completely silent flight make it one of the biggest predator of wild and best avifauna to see in flight.

Cinereous Vulture


Cinereous vulture or Eurasian Black Vulture is one of the two largest Old World vultures,found in Eurasia. Eurasian black vulture is a large raptorial bird and also largest true bird of prey in the world.

Trumpeter Swan


Trumpeter Swan is native a waterfowl of North America and also one of our heaviest flying bird. This largest waterfowl species of America is largest extant species of waterfowl. Trumpeter Swan is one of the most beautiful water bird in the world.

Himalayan Vulture


Himalayan Vulture is one of the two largest Old World species of vultures and true a raptor,found along the Himalayas in India. This is a huge species of vulture is largest and heaviest bird found in the Himalayas.

Greater Flamingo


Greater Flamingo are colourful and largest species of Flamingo,found in Middle East,Africa and Indian subcontinent. The greater flamingo are most widespread species resides in shallow coastal lagoons of Rann of Kutch salt marsh of India.

Greater Adjutant


Greater Adjutant is the largest and rarest member of the stork family, restricted to a much smaller range across southern Asia. This large stork with massive wedge-shaped bill is one of the huge scavenger bird found mostly in bird colony in Assam.

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