World’s Top 15 Largest Species of Deer and Antelope

Antelope and Deer are native to every continent in the world,some of these are one of the critically endangered species of deer and Antelope. Here is the list of world’s largest species of deer and antelope including Pere David Deer, Mule Deer, spotted deer,Bushbuck and topi are few largest species of deer and antelope.

Giant Eland


Giant Eland is the largest species of antelope found in savanna,grassland, woodlands and glades. The giant eland is one of the must see African safari animal with more massive spiral horns than other antelope.



Moose is the largest member of deer family mostly found in the forest of Canada, Alaska, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The moose is the tallest mammal in North America,stands six feet tall and has huge broad and flat antlers.



Nilgai also known as blue bull is the largest Indian antelope, endemic to the Indian subcontinent. Blue bull antelope is also most commonly see wild animal in tropical forests of India, mostly found in scrub forests and grassy plains.

Greater Kudu


Greater Kudu is second largest species of woodland antelope with spectacular spiral horns. The greater kudu is an spectacular mammal and one of two species of kudu, lesser kudu being the other.



Elk or wapiti second largest land mammals in North America and one of largest species from deer family. The Rocky Mountain elk is one of the subspecies of elk,found in Rocky Mountains of North America.



Sambar Deer is the largest members of deer family,native to the Indian subcontinent. The Indian sambar is also the most commonly seen deer species and one of the favorite prey of tigers in India.

Red Deer


Red Deer is the largest deer species inhabits most of the Europen countries and western Asia. The red deer is the fourth-largest deer species in the world and various subspecies are known as Corsican red deer and Caspian red deer.



Reindeer is a large species of deer native to mountainous regions of North America and Europe. Arctic and Subarctic people hunt wild reindeer for meat and antlers, Reindeer are used for transportation and milk.

Giant Sable


Giant Sable antelope is a subspecies of sable antelope,evaluated as critically endangered animal endemic to region of Cuango and Luando rivers in Angola. The sable antelope and roan antelope are other two antelope live in savanna.



Barasingha or swamp deer is highly endangered species of deer,distributed in the Indian subcontinent. The swamp deer is a large deer occur in the National Park of Madhya Pradesh and in Uttar Pradesh.



Nyala antelope is found in high altitude of southern Africa and in the Kruger National Park. The spiral-horned nyala is middle sized antelope,protected in national parks and sanctuaries of African protected area.

Roan Antelope


Roan Antelope is one of Africa’s largest savanna antelope,similar in appearance to sable antelope of woodland and grassland. Roan antelope are one of the world’s largest species of antelope and most formidable African antelopes.



Gemsbok or Oryx gazella is one of the well known species of Oryx,native to  Southern Africa and Kalahari Desert. The Gemsbok is the largest species in the Oryx and hunted for their spectacular horns.

White Tailed Deer


White Tailed Deer are medium sized species of deer family and largest wild animals in Northern Virginia. The white tailed deer are most widely distributed wild ungulate,found in Rocky Mountains,lower foothills and Plains of United States and South America.

Thorold’s Deer


Thorold’s Deer are lives in high altitudes of Tibetan Plateau,found in grassland and forest of Himalayan Plateau. The Thorold’s deer is one of the largest species of deer in Asia and also a threatened species of deer.


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