Top 15 Unique Animal and Birds Found In Africa

Africa is known for wild predators such as Cheetah,Lions and leopards but there are some amazing medium sized wild animals, hunting and mating in the wild land of Savanna Grassland. Apart from African Elephants, Cheetah, Lions, Giraffe,Rhino,Hippo and Cape buffalo from big game animals and here is the list of medium size land animals from Africa.



Meerkats belongs to the mongoose family, mostly found in all parts of the Namib Desert and Kalahari Desert of African continent. The meerkat is a small carnivoran diurnal animal,primarily insectivores.



Mandrill is one of two species of the old world primate found in Guinea,Congo and Gabon. The mandrill is one of the world’s largest monkey,mostly live in tropical rainforests of but due to deforestation considered as vulnerable.

Grey Crowned Crane


Grey Crowned Crane is one of the beautiful wild bird,usually found in grasslands and savannah in Africa. The grey crowned crane bird is an endangered species of bird and represented as national bird in national flag of Kenya.

Mantled Guereza

Mantled Guereza

Mantled Guereza is a old world monkey found in the lowland of west and east Africa. The mantled guereza are famous for distinctive appearance and has several subspecies that differ in appearance.



Shoebill is the largest stork-like bird lives in tropical east Africa. The shoebill species is one of the five most desirable birds in Africa, found in freshwater swamps and River island.

African Golden Cat


African Golden Cat IS one of the carnivore medium-sized wild cat, mostly active at night but very difficult to observe. Golden Cat is relative to both the African wild cat Caracal and the serval but threatened by habitat loss and deforestation.



Impala is one of the medium-sized antelope known for two characteristic of anti-predator strategy. The impala is the an important prey for most of the African carnivores including cheetahs, leopards,wild dogs and Hyna.



Okapi is an endangered mammal native to Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. The okapi is actually a medium sized giraffe with stripes of zebra and prefer to feed in treefall gaps,leaves and fruits



Ostrich land bird is the largest living species of bird and fastest land bird that can run with highest speed of any bird in the world. The ostrich bird also has the largest eye and lays the largest eggs of any living bird in the world.



Galago is little night monkey known as bush babies,native to continental Africa. According to the African wildlife, Galago primates are the most successful primates that can jump almost 7 ft.

Honey Badger


Honey Badger is a carnivorous species and famous for its defensive abilities. The honey badger are one of the largest terrestrial animal in wild Africa and very intelligent animals.



Aardvark is one of the nocturnal mammal native to Africa and sometimes called as African ant bear. The aardvark is a solitary creature and found in dark underground habitat of savannas and grasslands.

Gaboon Viper


Gaboon Viper is one of the most venomous species of viper found in the rainforests and savannas. This viperid is the world’s heaviest viper species and has the longest fangs with highest venom and largest member of the Bitis.



Serval is one of the medium-sized wild cat found in Africa, lives in tall grasses, wetlands and savannah. The serval is preys on rodents but vulnerable to wild dog and hyaena.

Secretary Bird


Secretary Bird is another large and terrestrial bird of prey, endemic to Africa found in the open grasslands and savannah. The secretary bird has an eagle-like head and unusually long legs.

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