World’s Top 10 Species of Wild Big Cats

The big cat species are world’s apex predators, differences in size and color. Top four largest living species of wild big cats that are able to roar includes Tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards Caracal,Eurasian lynx,Serval,golden cat and other species of wild cats also includesIberian lynx,Bobcat, Black Panther,White Tiger,Indian Bengal Tiger and Indian lion.

Siberian Tiger


Siberian Tiger also called as Amur Tiger is the biggest and largest species of living wild cats in the world. The Siberian tiger inhabited the Sikhote Alin and there are 10 recognized tiger subspecies in the world, includes Bengal tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger and Indochinese tiger.

African Lion


African Lions are the second-largest living cat in the wild world after the tiger and currently exist in Africa and India in Gir Forest National Park. Lions are socially lived in pride and prey mainly on big and medium sized mammals like wildebeest, zebras, deer,nilgai, wild boar and buffalo.



Jaguar is a Panthera species native to the dense rainforest of South America and the third largest cat in the world. The Jaguar cat is an ambush predator and an opportunistic hunter as well as the biggest cat of the new world.



Cougar also called as puma or mountain lion is a large felid native to the Americas and referred as largest of the small cats. The mountain lion panther is an ambush predator and the second-heaviest cat of the new world.



Leopards are opportunistic hunters and one of the five big cats of the world and have adapt to various habitats in the world including rainforest to dry land. The leopards has eight extant species that includes African leopard,Indian leopard,Arabian leopard,Persian leopard and Amur leopard. Persian leopards are the largest leopard subspecies native to the Caucasus region.



Cheetah is the fastest land mammal on earth, found only in the southern Africa and a few parts of Iran. The cheetah are classified as vulnerable, inhabits a variety of habitats in dry forests of Kruger National Park and Savanna grassland ecosystem. The five recognised subspecies of the cheetah are Asiatic cheetah,Sudan cheetah,Tanzanian  cheetah and South African cheetah.

Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard is a beautiful gray coated species of large cat, found in the high altitudes of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and in northern Pakistan. The snow leopard is listed as endangered and actively hunt their prey including markhor,bharal, Himalayan tahr and goral.

Clouded Leopard


Clouded Leopards are medium sized wild cat found in the Himalayan mountain foothills from Nepal,India and Bhutan. The beautiful Clouded leopards occur mostly in Indian states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh,Meghalaya and Sikkim in the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve.

Eurasian Lynx


Eurasian Lynx is the largest species of medium sized wild cats, native to Siberia and Europe. The Eurasian Lynx is the largest lynx species, lives in the forested areas,mountain ranges of the Europe.



Caracal is the second largest species of medium sized wild cat that lives in Indian subcontinent,Middle East, Africa and Persia. The caracal is closely related to the African golden cat and with the serval, they are considered a species of Caracal.

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