World’s Top 15 Largest Species of Ape and Monkeys

Primates are mammal divided into two groups of monkeys and apes, Old World monkeys and New World monkeys, live in tropical forest of Asia,Africa and Americas. The Primates are most social animals, the largest species of Primates includes Gorillas,Orangutans,Baboon and Chimpanzees along with Siamang,golden snub-nosed monkey and Capuchin monkey, also includes Gelada, Japanese macaque,White-headed Langur,Red Shanked Douc and Proboscis Monkey.



Gorillas are largest living primates in the wild world,habitats the subtropical forests of central Africa. The Gorillas are divided into five subspecies of eastern, western and mountain gorillas of Africa. The Gorilla are one of the must see wild animal of Africa during the safari.



Orangutan is the extant species of great ape, currently found only in the rainforest of Indonesia and Malaysia. There are only two species of orangutans exist in the wild world and one of the largest known primate species in the world.



Chimpanzee is one of the African species of great ape and also the most social species of apes along with Bonobo. The chimpanzees are currently found in the jungle of Congo and other species chimpanzees is known as Bonobos,found only in Central Africa.



Mandrill primate is one of the species of old world monkey,found in Guinea, and Congo. Mandrills are the largest species of monkeys in the world along with second species called drill and also the most beautiful animals in the wild world.



Baboons species of Africa are some of the largest members of primate family,found in woodland,savannah and open grassland. The Chacma baboon are the largest of all baboon monkeys, they hunt and eat Shellfish,Flamingo birds, Vervet monkey and small antelopes.



Gibbons are acrobatic primates,native to the forests of northeast India,China and Indonesia. The largest species of Gibbon is known as siamang and other species includes hoolock gibbons and Lar gibbon.



Gelada species of monkey only found in the Ethiopian Highlands and closely relatives to the baboons. The Gelada monkeys are also called the bleeding-heart monkey live only in the Ethiopia high mountain meadows and forest.

Gray Langur


Gray Langur also called as Hanuman langurs are the large monkeys, lives in the wooded forest,open grassland of national parks in the Indian subcontinent. The Gray langurs are the sacred animal of India and one of the largest species of old world monkey.

Howler Monkey


Howler monkeys are the largest of the new world monkeys native to South and Central American forests. These monkeys are very famous for their loud howls and one of only a few nest building monkeys in the world.

Macaca Nigra


Macaca Nigra or Celebes crested macaque is found in Indonesian island of Sulawesi and one of the top 25 species of most endangered macaque in the world. The black crested macaque is an old world monkey lives in Indonesian island.

Proboscis Monkey


Proboscis Monkey is endemic to the southeast Asia and famous for unusually large nose. This species of monkey largest monkey species native to Asia,endemic to the island of Borneo.



Indri is the biggest species of lemurs,related to the sifakas native to Madagascar island. The indri is one of the species of largest living lemurs and categorize as critically endangered species.

Diademed Sifaka


Diademed Sifaka is one of the most endangered species of sifaka and one of the world’s largest living lemurs. The diademed sifaka is the most colorful and attractive of all the lemurs of eastern Madagascar.

Golden Langur

golden langur

Gee’s golden langur are only found in a small region of western Assam and listed as most endangered primate species of India. The golden langur attractive leaf-eating monkey endemic to northeastern India.

Japanese Macaque

Snow Monkeys

Japanese macaque also called snow monkey,live in the snow cover areas of Japan. The Japanese macaque are very intelligent species, famous for unusual behavior of bathing together in hot springs.


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