10 Common Ant Species Found in India

List of ant species found in India may also include yellow crazy ant, bullet ant, ghost ant, Carebara diversa,Diacamma, Short-legged hunchbacked ant and sugar ant.

Red Ant


Many species of Solenopsis are called as red ants because of their light brown red color and painful sting.

Fire Ant

Solenopsis geminata is the several species of fire ants found in India.

Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants are yellow or light brown species of transparent ant, often christened as red ant.

Black Garden Ant


Black garden ants are found in forest habitats and the colonies can reach up to 40,000 workers with a single queen.

Weaver Ant

Weaver ants live in trees and known for unique nest building with leaves. These ants are mostly build arboreal nest on Mango, Jamnu and other tress in India.

Green Tree Ant

Green tree ants are also the species of Oecophylla and build multiple nests in trees made of leaves. They are mostly orange and green coloured species of ants found in forest of India.

Harvester Ant

Harvester ants are agricultural ants that collect seeds, leaves and other plants.

Indian Harvesting Ant

Indian harvesting ants are insect eating ant from yellowish brown to reddish black bodies.

Grassland Ant

Meranoplus bicolor are mostly found in open grasslands and forest of India.

Carebara diversa species are impressive working ants, found in large parts of India and Asia.

Carpenter Ant


Carpenter ants are large species of black ant reside both outdoors and indoors. These ants are mostly nests inside wood, dead tree and on the ground.

Flying Ants

The ants are wingless but during the Nuptial flight phase, Flying ants are mature ant that seasonally produces winged during this phase then fly to start a new colony. Nuptial flight is the phase that also found in termite and some bee species.

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