10 Lesser Known Wild Animals of India You Never Know

India has some of the world’s most biodiverse regions and home to rare animal species which are in grave danger of extinction. Apart from mega wildlife species like the tiger,lion,leopard,gaur and elephants, several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India also host lesser known endangered animals such as elusive Honey Badger,rare Binturong bearcat,mysterious Pogeyan Cat and world’s most hunted Indian Pangolin. Lesser known wildlife species in India also include Red Panda,Crested porcupine,Slender Loris,Indian desert jird,Indian Purple Frog,Dugong, Indian spotted chevrotain,Indian golden cat,Hispid Hare and Fishing Cat.

Honey Badger


The elusive Honey Badger is the most fearless animal on earth and one of the known species of mustelid found in Indian subcontinent. Honey badger and Hog badger are terrestrial mustelid found in India, This ferocious animal has been spotted in Karnataka forests.



Binturong also known as bearcat is a rare viverrid classified as vulnerable,found in the forested plains and hills throughout north east India. The bearcat have been recorded in Manas National Park of Assam and one of the species of wild civet found in India.



Takin is one of the large goat antelope found in north east region of India and the national animal of Bhutan. The goat antelope only found in the valleys to rocky grass altitudes of eastern Himalayas of India.

Himalayan Salamander

The Himalayan newt also called as Himalayan Crocodile Salamander is an amphibian found in the Indian subcontinent. Himalayan salamander is one of the rarest and oldest amphibian creature existed in India and found only in Darjeeling,Sikkim and Manipur. Singalila National Park and protected wildlife sanctuaries of Darjeeling are home to endangered Himalayan newt,around the lakes of Jore Pokhri and Sukhiapokhri.

Pogeyan Cat


Pogeyan is India’s mysterious cryptid grey big cat, found in  in the Western Ghats of South India. The feline mostly occurred in high altitude,highest mountain peak and foothills of the Western Ghats range.

Red Fox

Red Fox is the largest and most well known species of fox and has greatest geographic range. The red fox is mostly seen in Ladakh region of India and Among the most important fauna of Ladakh including Ibex, Tibetan Wild Ass, Bharal and Himalayan marmot.

Double Headed Snake


Indian Sand Boa (Eryx johnii) is known as two headed snake in India, found in dry and semi-desert region of Indian desert. The red sand boa or double headed snake is a nonvenomous snake and the one of the top 5 most heavily trafficked animals of India.



Chiru or Tibetan Antelope is a endangered bovid inhabit Tibetan plateau and few are also found across the border in Ladakh of India. Tibetan antelopes are one of the world’s hardiest animals and known for survive in extreme cold environments.

Saara Hardwickii


Saara hardwickii or Indian Spiny Tailed Lizard found mostly in the Thar desert of Rajasthan and Kutch district of Gujarat. Indian spiny tailed lizards are mainly herbivorous and endemic to the hot Thar desert region in Rajasthan.

Wild Horses


Feral Horses are free roaming horse also known as wild horses, found only in the Dibru Saikhowa National Park of Assam. Dibru Saikhowa Biosphere reserve in north east has herd of approximately 79 bright coloured wild horses in India.

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