India’s Mysterious Pogeyan Cat of Western Ghats

The Pogeyan is a mysterious large cat that comes and goes like the mist in the Western Ghats of India. This new mystery cat is a feline mostly occurred in high altitude grasslands of Anamudi peak and Eravikulam forest.

The Mountains of the Monsoon by Sandesh Kadur and James Zacharia are the person along with the local people
who have seen this mysterious Pogeyan cat but couldn’t record or capture it.Image scienceblogs


Pogeyan Cat is reported as a big grey cat, possibly a leopard or might be a mutant leopard, An Indian Lion out of place,may be a Malabar large Spotted civet or a cat like mammal,The fossa. Lets have a look into below wild cats to find out the mysterious Pogeyan cat of India.

Giant Caracal


Pogeyan may be a giant Indian Caracal wild cat that lives mainly alone in the Indian subcontinent. The caracal cat is a mysterious animal and the species is considered rare in India.Image-American Cougar

A Lion


Pogeyan Puli is said to be much larger than any jungle wild cat but smaller than a leopard and lion. This mysterious large cat may be a out of place Asian lion in darkish grey colour or indeed a new species of wild cat.Image-African lion.

Large Civet


Viverra Civettina or Malabar large spotted civet is dusky gray viverrid,endemic to the Western Ghats. The Malabar civet is the largest species of Indian civet,occurred most of the natural forest and Malabar protected areas of Karnataka.

Mutant Leopard


A big Leopard was spotted in the Parambikkulam Tiger Reserve of Palakkad with large black spots or mehandi design like pattern. Pogeyan may be a Mutant Leopard or Persian leopard,Black Panther or really a new species of big wild cats of India.



Fossa is the largest predator and a medium sized cat like carnivorous mammal endemic to Madagascar island. The unique fossa is grey cat like predator with long tail, relatively longer than that of a cat. Madagascar to India Sea Distance- 4618 KM

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