15 Most Beautiful Species of Aquatic Birds Found in The Sub-Continent of India

The waterbird or aquatic birds species associated with birds that live on wetland,freshwater habitats or coastal environments. Western Ghats of India is one of the rain forest of India and one of the top 10 Hottest biodiversity hotspots in the world. The rare and exotic Aquatic bird species of Western Ghats includes,Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, purple heron,wood sandpiper and Yellow-wattled Lapwing.

15 Most Common Water and Wader Birds Around The Indian Cities



Kingfishers are the medium sized multi-colored birds and one of the most beautiful water bird found in India. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is one of the species of Kingfisher bird found in Western Ghats along with Common Kingfisher,Blue-eared Kingfisher,Shining-blue Kingfisher,White-breasted kingfisher and Pied Kingfisher.



Duck is most common name for several species of the Anatidae families bird, The aquatic bird can br found in both sea water and fresh water. Spotted billed duck,Indian Runner Duck,Pink-headed Duck and West Indian whistling-duck are few species of ducks found in India.



Tern are usually known as seabirds, normally found near the sea, rivers or wetlands. Indian River Tern is one of the species of tern family lives along with inland rivers in the Indian Subcontinent.



The most common species of water birds, Egret is any of several herons found in India. Intermediate Egret,Yellow-billed Egret,Little Egret and Cattle Egrets are resident of the Indian Subcontinent.


Thol lake bird sanctuary

The long-legged wading birds are usually feed as a group, Indian black ibis is one of the species of Ibis wide spread in Indian subcontinent,other species of wading bird of the ibis family are Black-headed Ibis and Red-naped Ibis.



The freshwater and coastal bird species are a widespread family. Along with Indian Pond Heron,purple heron and Great Blue Heron are few common Heron can be spotted in Western Ghats region.



Stork is a large flying water bird found many regions of India, There are several species of Stork birds such as Asian openbill stork,white necked stork and Painted Stork.



The Greater Painted-snipe species is a Medium-sized, plump wading bird found in marshes of India. Painted-snipe, Common Snipe and Wilson’s Snipe are few more species of Snipe birds.



Gulls are sea birds typically medium to large, Seagulls are migratory bird can be spotted in the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary of Andhra Pradesh. The mangrove wetland also known as Krishna mangroves is famous for Seagulls in India.



The skuas are group of seven species of seabirds,feeds on fish,small mammals, eggs and carrion. Skuas are found from coast of Kerala to other regions.



The darters also known as snakebirds due to its snake-like appearance while swim and the body submerged into the water. Snakebirds has only four living species out of which one is classified as near-threatened.



Sandpipers are the large family of shorebirds,breeds in wetlands of Western Ghats, wood sandpiper is one species found throughout India during the winter months other are Common Sandpiper and Spoon-billed Sandpiper.



Moorhen is also known as swamp hen,seen collecting food around the lake or nesting. This chicken-sized bird has 13 more subspecies such as Common Moorhen,Purple Swamphen or Purple Moorhen, differ mainly in size and colour.



The medium-sized wading bird is well famous for its loud alarm calls and long legs, Red-wattled Lapwing,Yellow-wattled Lapwing and White-tailed Lapwing are mostly found in India.



The gregarious wading bird is one of the six species of long-legged wading birds and one of the most striking birds found across the world. Spoonbill is one of the migrate bird,breeds in marshes of Kerala along with Ibises and Storks.



Cormorants and shags represent the 40 species of cormorants bird family, mainly along the inland waters of the Indian Subcontinent. Indian Cormorant or Indian Shag is makes short dives to capture fish.

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