15 Most Famous Bengal Tigers of Indian National Parks

As of 2018, An estimated 2967 individuals Bengal tigers are found living in India, Karnataka state has highest number of Bengal Tigers in India followed by Uttarakhand,Madhya Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Assam. Here is the list of top 10 National Parks with highest density of Tiger Population in India.

The Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is the largest cat in India followed by Gujarat Lion (Panthera leo persica). We came up with list of top 10 most famous Bengal Tigers in India from different national parks and tiger reserve.

Machali – Ranthambore National Park


Machali Tigress was the Queen of Ranthambore National Park and also considered the world’s oldest tigress living in the wild. The Machali also known as Lady of the Lakes and Crocodile Killer is India’s most famous tigress and also the most photographed tigress in the world and featured in a number of wildlife documentaries.

Sita – Bandhavgarh National Park

Sita Tigress was second most photographed tigress in the world and featured in a wildlife documentaries with Charger.

Tigress Sita of Bandhavgarh National Park had a life span of 17 years.

Collar Wali – Pench Tiger Reserve

Collar Wali Tigress has a world record of given birth to 22 cubs in six separate litters since 2008.

T-15 or Collar Wali was the daughter of famous tigress Barimada and the Queen Of Pench National Park.

Wagdoh – Tadoba National Park

Wagdoh also known as Scarface or Big Daddy is the largest male Tiger of India from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The Dominant Wagdoh Tiger of Tadoba weigh around 300kg and known as King of Tadoba.

Ustad – Ranthambore National Park

Ustad or T-24 Tiger was the largest tiger in Ranthambore National park in the Lahpur region. T-24 was the dominant tiger in the area and loved by wildlife photographers and tourist for for his unconventional behaviours.

Charger – Bandhavgarh National Park

Charger was a dominant male tiger of Bandhavgarh National Park in Charkadhara Tala range. Sita and Charger were true lover and very compassionate for each other, they had two male cubs Bara Bachha and Langru.

Munna – Kanha National Park

Munna was the most photographed Bengal Tiger in Kanha and has ruled over the reserve for 10 years. He was the handsome,majestic and rockstar alpha male tiger of Kanha National Park.

Zalim – Ranthambore National Park

T-25 of Ranthambore National Park is known as Dollar and Zalim was another famous tiger in Ranthambore. Zalim was famous for his majestic appearance and aggressive behavior towards tourist vehicles.

Sitara – Ranthambore National Park

Sitara T-28 was the star male Tiger of Ranthambore National Park, noted for his fight with the Machali. The rowdy Sitara Star male tiger made his remarkable home around three lakes with T-19 Krishna, daughter of Machli’s the Lady of the Lakes.

Maya – Tadoba National Park

Tigers of_TATR

Maya is a celebrity and most famous tigress at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The popular tigress of Pandharpaoni area was sighted with two male tigers of Gabbar and Matkasur.

Krishna – Ranthambore National Park

Machli’s daughter T19 or Krishna is the current queen tigress of Ranthambore National Park, As per 2014 there are 60 Bengal Tigers are living in the Ranthambore National Park.

Mala – Ranthambore National Park

Tigress T39 or also known as Mala or Noor is another popular tigress from Ranthambore National Park. Ustad was his partner who ruled the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for many years and his sibling T25 or Zaalim.

Broken Tail – Ranthambore National Park

Broken Tail was a male tiger from Ranthambore National Park who left the park area and traveled from Ranthambore to Darra.

A documentary film was made with the same name Broken Tail, features his last journey where he was killed by a train while crossing the railway tracks.

Sonam – Tadoba National Park

Sonam is the daughter of Madhuri along with her three sibling Mona, Lara and Seeta.

They are the four tiger siblings of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve living in the Telia Lake area. Tiger Sisters of Telia was the most famous wildlife documentaries present by Discovery Channel on the gang of four tigresses.

Amitabh – Tadoba National Park

Amitabh is a big territorial male tiger of Tadoba range, first appeared in 2010 and become an instant star of the Jungle. Other most famous male tigers of Tadoba are Gabbar and Matkasur along with Tigresses Malika and Madhuri.

Sultan – Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

Sultan or T-72 Sultan is another most famous and super start male tiger of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, He is the son of the famous Ustad and sighted frequently in the Kailadevi Sanctuary Region.

Matkasur – Tadoba National Park

Matkasur tiger is one of the most aggressive male tiger pf Tadoba Reserve, Gabbar and Matkasur along with another tigress Maya are currently few most famous tigers of Tadoba National Park.


Other most famous celebrity tigers of Indian jungles are Bamera male from Kanha National Park, Tiger T-17 Sundari of Ranthambore National Park, Shivaji and Malika from Tadoba National Park, Agastya and Prince from Bandipur National Park​ and Jai from Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve.

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