15 Popular Spiders Family Found in India

Spiders usually found in plants, shrubs, grasses, flowering plants, leaf litter and sometimes under stones. The spiders species weave webs to trap other insects and act as bio-controlling agents to keep the insect population under control. Spiders family in India are not very much harmful to humans but spider bite known as arachnidism need treatment.

Major region of Indian spiders are distributed as Spiders of Kerala,South Indian Spiders,Spiders Of Central India,Spider Families of Mumbai and Newly Discovered Spiders. Most common seen spiders are House spiders,Water spiders,Tree spiders,Dictis mumbaiensis, Peucetia phantasmawood spiders or banana spiders and garden spider. Credit: southindianspiders

Tiger Spiders – Scytodidae

Tiger Spider is New Species Of Tarantula found living in India’s Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, a park near the southwestern coast of the subcontinent.

Tetragnathid Spiders


Mygalomorph Spiders

Mygalomorphs are relatively large and long-lived spiders and this group of spiders comprises mostly heavy bodied, sometimes called mouse spiders.

Orb Web Spiders – Araneidae (Giant Wood Spider)


Orb Weaver Spider are the most common group of web builders and one of the largest family of spiders. The family of Araneidae mostly found in gardens, fields and forests.

Jumping Spiders – Salticidae


Jumping spiders have some of the best vision among arthropods, There are two new species of jumping spiders have been discovered in and around Mumbai.

Wolf Spider – Lycosidae

Indian Pisauridae from family Pisauridae is a wolf spiders, robust and agile hunters as well as opportunistic hunters, live mostly in solitude and hunt alone.

Signature Spiders – Araneidae


Crab Spiders – Thomisidae

The common name crab spider is belong to the Family Thomisidaeand and the color is adapted to the hunting terrain.

– Nephila Pilipes

Nephila Pilipes is one of the largest species of golden orb web spiders, commonly found in forests and gardens. This golden orb weaver female spider are large and counted as one of the biggest spiders in the world.


Huntsman Spider – Sparassidae

Huntsman spiders are also called giant crab spiders and known for their large size and speed of hunting. These species sometimes referred as wood spiders and introduced to many parts of the world.

 Garden Spiders


Fishing Spiders – Pisauridae

These are commonly called fishing spiders because of their habit of catching small fish. These are similar to the larger wolf spiders in size and there are about 100 species in the world.

Tailed Cellar Spiders

Tailed Cellar Spiders or common house spiders are widespread species of cellar spiders that live around the human structures. They are harmless to humans but they are sometimes regarded as pests.

Trapdoor Spiders – Ctenizidae


Trapdoor Spiders are widespread family of spiders who build trapdoor burrows. The trapdoor spiders have a large body and looks like a tarantula, they are among the most basal living spiders.

Widow Spider – Theridiidae

Widow Spiders from family Theridiidae are large family of spiders, found throughout the world. Widow Spiders are venomous species of spiders and particularly harmful to humans, Latrodectus erythromelas species found in India.

Lynx Spider – Oxyopidae


Lynx Spiders are lives as hunting spiders on plants and make little use of webs. They frequent found in flowers, plants and differ in their habits and adaptations.

Ant Spider – Zodariidae

Ant Spider from family Zodariidae are looks like ant and also live near the ants association. They are small sized spiders and prey upon nest of ants.

Long Jawed Orb Weaver – Tetragnathidae

Long jawed orb weaver spiders are found near water on the plant species. The spiders weaving small orb webs with an open hub, Opadometa fastigata species found in Kerala.

Tarantula Spiders –  Theraphosidae


Tarantulas comprise a group of very large and often hairy arachnids belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders. Spiders similar to this tarantula have been spotted in large numbers in the remote town in northeast India.

– Poecilotheria Metallica – Tarantula

Poecilotheria metallica is old world species of tarantula found in wild natural habitat and deciduous forest of Andhra Pradesh. The tarantula is listed as critically endangered

Indian Ornamental – Tarantula 


Poecilotheria regalis species of tarantula spider is a arboreal spider, found in Western and Eastern Ghats. The Indian Ornamental spider is most popular arboreal tarantulas found in wild forest.

– Godric Gryffindor – New Species


Godric Gryffindor is the new species of spiders discovered in the forests of Karnataka. The spider has a very unique feature of sorting hat which belonged to Godric Gryffindor from Harry Potter.



Scorpion Spider


As per recent discovery, 8 new species of spiders have been found living in India’s Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Palakkad district of Kerala. The wildlife sanctuary in Western Ghats of South India is also home to Important mammals including Nilgiri tahr,lion tailed macaques,Nilgiri langurs,Nilgiri marten and Venomous King Cobra.


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