5 Wildlife Sanctuary to Spot Honey Badger in India

The ratel popularly known as Badger is the only species of mustelid, native to dry land of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Honey Badgers are not so rare in India, They have been sighted in dry savannah woodland forests of Cauvery in Karnataka.

Ratel are mostly nocturnal and has been spotted in large number in Karnataka forest with rare sighting in Nagarjunsagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project. The honey badger is mostly found in the semi arid areas of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,Gujarat, with occasional sightings in Assam.

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary is a riverine forest and home to many reptile species as well faunal species of malabar giant squirrel and grizzled giant squirrel. The sanctuary mainly consists of dry deciduous forest and and riverine forest and home to mammals like dhole dog, smooth coated otter,various species of reptiles and fearless ratel honey badger.

Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary around Male Mahadeshwara Hills in the Eastern Ghats of Karnataka house large number of Indian Elephant,Indian Bison and offers rare sighting of Honey Badger in India.

Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka


BRT Wildlife Sanctuary in south eastern Karnataka is a protected reserve and links the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. The sanctuary around Biligiriranga Hills is home to elephant bull,sloth bears,species of primates and rare ratel.

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary along the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu state is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary is a wildlife corridor between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats and home to Indian elephants,Gaurs,leopards and fearless Honey Badger.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project, Maharashtra

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project of Maharashtra is notable for large number of tigers and leopards. Tadoba Andhari Reserve is the largest national park in Maharashtra, Aside from the keystone species, Tadoba is home to other mammals including dhole wild dog,jungle cats,sloth bears and fearless Honey Badger.

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