World’s Most Fearless Honey Badger Found in India

Honey Badger is regarded as most fearless creature in the world of animal kingdom and known for its ferocious defensive abilities. The elusive Honey Badger primarily live in parts of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. 5 Wildlife Sanctuary to Spot Honey Badger in India

For the first time Honey Badgers have come out in large numbers in Karnataka forests and wildlife conservationists photographed the animal in camera traps in the Cauvery sanctuary. Honey badger also known as ratel has been spotted in Male Mahadeshwara Hills, Sathyamangalam tiger reserve and North Cauvery river sanctuary.


Elusive Honey Badgers were photographed at night and there were only 41 sightings of the badgers since January 2014. This fearless creature has very few natural predators and among the most protected animals as per the Wildlife Protection Act.


Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka is a riverine forest and the sanctuary is also home to many reptiles,bird species and highly endangered mammals like Grizzled giant squirrel,Chevrotain,chousingha and smooth coated otter.

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