6 Medium-Sized and Large Antelopes Found in India

The open grassland,green forest and mountains of India are home to five species of small and large antelopes,found throughout most of the country. Blackbuck,Chinkara and Blue Bull species of antelopes are native to the Indian subcontinent but due to hunting, heavy poaching and habitat loss, Blackbuck is an endangered species of antelope in India. Apart from antelopes, India is also home to mountain goat,large deer family,ibex and goat antelopes such as Bharal and Takin.

Blackbuck Male




Blackbuck antelope is native to the Indian subcontinent, from the Himalayas to Lower Assam. Velavadar National Park of Gujarat has the largest population of Blackbucks in India, Blackbucks are protected species of antelope and hunting is prohibited under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.



Indian gazelle or Chinkara is the only species of gazelle native to India and any of many antelope species mostly found in the desert land, drf forest, grasslands and savanna of India. Chinkaras are living in the Thar Desert of India and Ranthambore National Park,They share habitat with other herbivores animals such as blackbuck, chausingha and wild goats.

Chousingha – Four-Horned Antelope

The four-horned antelope is the smallest Indian antelope found in the Gir Forest National Park,Gangetic plains and in the forest of Odisha. They are very shy and generally avoid human habitation and human-inhabited areas, Chousingha live in a variety of habitats across India.

Tibetan Antelope

Tibetan antelope is a medium-sized bovid and have become endangered due to poaching for soft and warm wool. Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau,these antelope are also found across the border in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Goats Antelope

The Goat-antelope is a sub species of antelopes found in the mountain region of India, some of the known goats antelopes of India are Serow,Nilgiri Tahr,Himalaya Tahr,Bharal and Takin.

Nilgai -Blue Bull




Nilgai is also called as blue bull is one of the most commonly seen wild animal in India and the largest Indian antelope. Blue bull antelope are found throughout most of India, from dry forest of Rajasthan,Gir forest to the states of Assam.

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