Secrets of Cannibal King Cobra Snake of India

King Cobra is a Cannibal snake feeds exclusively on other snakes including venomous snake species and own cobra species. The world’s longest venomous snake is the only snake species makes a nest for her eggs and stays with the eggs and guard.



King Cobra lives in dense forest and highland forests of South India, near by the lakes and streams. The Agumbe Rainforest in the Western Ghats is the best place in India to spot wild King Cobra’s and also has Agumbe Rainforest Research Station founded by Romulus Whitaker.



As the King Cobra Ophiophagus hannah is a snake eater species,its diet consists primarily on rat snakes,other true cobras, the krait,pythons,other venomous snakes and also prey on small mammals,rodents,birds and lizards. The King cobra feasts on its own kind as well including another male king cobra and female king cobra.



The King has unique behaviors among the other snake species such as builds nest,diurnal hunter and detect moving prey from a long distance. Agumbe Rainforest Research Station has witnessed rare behavior of King Cobra, A male king cobra killed a pregnant female King Cobra in Agumbe Rainforest.


The King Cobras do not have many natural predators but have very few predators such as mongooses,large birds of prey and human. Ophiophagus hannah hunt and killed by Mongooses and sometimes picked by large Indian birds of prey such as Golden Eagle, Snake eagles and Serpent Eagles.

Romulus Whitaker

Romulus Whitaker

Indian herpetologist Romulus Whitaker is the man behind the world’s first radio telemetry project on the King Cobr and managed by Agumbe Rainforest Research Station. Romulus Whitaker is the founder director of the snake park in Chennai and also rehabilitate the Irula tribe of Tamil Nadu.sandeshkadur

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station


Recently on National Geographic Channel, Romulus Whitaker in the Agumbe Rainforest research station in Karnataka has succeeded in putting tracking devices on two King Cobra (Male and Female). This was the first time in history that a tracking device has been put on longest venomous snakes on earth, to reveal most of the secrets about King Cobra.natureclicks

Intresting Facts About King Cobra


  • Longest Venomous Snake in The World
  • The Longest Known King Cobra is 18.8 ft
  • King Cobras Most Common Meal is Rat Snake
  • Female King Cobra is very Dedicated Parent
  • Female King Cobra Builds Nest for her Eggs
  • King Cobras are Larger Than other Cobra Species
  • King Cobras Hunt Throughout the Day Light
  • The King has Control over the Amount of Venom
  • King Cobra Venom per Bite can Kill 10 Adult Humans
  • King Cobras Eat Stout Snakes Such as Pythons
  • The Kings can Mate for as Long as an Hour
  • A King Cobra can Live up to 30 years of Age
  • King Cobra can stand up and look a 6ft man in the Eye
  • The Male King Cobra can kill Female Cobra if Rebuffed or after Mating

King Cobra is the sole member of its own genus, Here is the list of 5 Places to Spot Cannibal King Cobra in India.

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