5 Places to Spot Cannibal King Cobra in India

King Cobra is the most beautiful and a mesmerizing snake with most fearsome reputation. The king cobra belongs to the Elapidae family and it has nothing to do with other Cobra species of venomous snakes that belong to genus Naja.

King Cobra is the sole member of its own and longest venomous snake on earth. They can be easily distinguished by their large size and hood with stripe on the neck as well as presence of a pair of large scales on head.


The male king cobra reach larger sizes than females, average length of a King Cobra is 9.8 to 13.1 ft and weight about 6 kg but it also depend on their localities. King Cobra are classified as a diurnal species and hunt throughout the day on other snakes, including rat snakes, small pythons, and even other venomous snakes.

Agumbe Rainforest, Karnataka

Agumbe Rainforest in Shimoga district of Karnataka is paradise for Cannibal King Cobra in India. The Rainforest is sometimes called The Cherrapunji of the South India, located in the region of the Western Ghat mountains.

Periyar National Park, Kerala


Periyar National Park near Thekkady is a protected area and home to endangered flora and fauna. The Sanctuary is home to 45 species of reptiles including the King Cobra, Malabar pit viper and striped coral snake.

Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal

Sundarbans National Park is famous as largest reserves for the Bengal Tiger and houses a large number of reptiles. Some of the reptiles found in the park are monitor lizards,Burmese python, Indian rock python, King Cobra and dog faced water snake.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam


A total of about 42 species of reptiles are found in the Kaziranga National Park, The longest venomous snake in the world King Cobra are common inside the park. Kaziranga National Park of Assam is also home to two of the largest snakes in the world reticulated python and Indian rock python.

Srivilliputhur Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary bordered with Periyar Tiger Reserve in western Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary has numerous species of reptiles including King Cobras, Indian rock python,Ornate flying snake,many endemic species namely pit vipers, flying lizards and large scaled calotes.


Agumbe Rainforest Research Station and Famous People With King Cobra

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station situated inside the Agumbe Forest,founded in 2005, by Romulus Whitaker. ARRS conducted first radio telemetry project on the King Cobra to known rare behavior and their habitat – Secrets of Cannibal King Cobra Snake of India


Kalinga Center for Rainforest Ecology

Kalinga Center for Rainforest Ecology is responsible for conservation of King Cobra at Agumbe Forest of Karnataka and managed by Gowri Shankar and Romulus Whitaker.

Romulus Whitaker

Romulus Whitaker

Romulus Whitaker is a leading Indian herpetologist and also founder of the Madras Snake Park and Agumbe Rainforest Research Station. Whitaker also coordinating an effort to save the Gharial in National Chambal Sanctuary.

Gowri Shankar


Gowri Shankar is a reptile expert especially snakes and worked on wild King Cobras at Agumbe with Romulus Whitaker, later joined the Madras Crocodile Bank. Apart from rescuing over hundred King Cobras from Karnataka and Kerala, he has also worked for several wildlife documentaries behind screen.

Sandesh Kadur


Sandesh Kadur is a National Geographic Explorer and Wildlife Photographer, known for his contributions to Planet Earth II. In year 2008 Sandesh was made a famous documentary Secrets of King Cobra on National Geographic Channel and also known for his effort to make Return of The Clouded Leopards in 2011.

Vava Suresh


Vava Suresh is a snake expert and popular Indian wildlife conservationist from Kerala. Suresh is believed to have captured 100 King Cobras from Kerala and other venomous snakes from human populated areas. Image source- IndiaTimes.

Snake Shyam

M. S. Balasubramania popularly known as Snake Shyam from Mysore is a Indian wildlife conservationist and lecturer. Snake Shyam is the most recognisable characters in Mysore and recognized for his work on National Geographic featured Croc Chronicles Snakes.

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