The 11 Giant Wild Animals of India

Rich biodiversity of India is an ideal place for the great and giant wild animals, birds and reptiles. Indian rivers, mountain hills, deep valleys and the dense forest help these wild animals to go giant. Some of the big wild animals in India are Indian Python, Indian Bullfrogs, Giant Indian Goonch (Catfish), Indian Spotted Eagle, Himalayan Bearded Vulture, Emu, Sarus Crane – The World’s tallest flying bird and Nilgai the biggest antelope in India. Due to the loss of habitat and deforestation the giant animals of India are falling into the category of endangered species.

The Giant Wild Animals of Indian- Subcontinent

Indian Flying Fox

The Great Indian Fruit Bat also called as Indian flying fox is the largest bat in the world, with a wingspan of 1.2 and 1.5 meters. Giant Indian flying fox eats only fruit like mangoes and bananas, The giant bat of India lives in colonies with few hundred bat in deep forests of Western Ghats. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary of Kerela and Goa are home for the endangered species of Indian flying fox. There are two species of fruit bats found in India, another one is the Great Himalayan horseshoe bat.

Great Indian Bustard

The Great Indian bustard is the heaviest flying birds in the world. The rarest bird of Indian sub continent is found only in some parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Due to poaching and habitat deterioration,the greatest bird of India fall into the category of endangered species of birds. The India’s giant bird is protect in Desert National Park and declared as the state bird of Rajasthan.

Great Indian Hornbills

The rare Great Indian Hornbills are fruit-eater birds found mainly in part of east India. The Great Pied Hornbill is one of the largest and beautiful member of the hornbil family. Giant bird is one of the major avian attractions of the Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary. Arunachal Pradesh valley’s are also the happy home of the great Indian hornbills and the bird is declared as the state bird of Arunachal Pradesh.

Great Horned Owl

The India’s Great Horned Owl is the biggest owl found in hilly and rocky scrub forests of India. Its is also known as hill or rocky owl, this is one of the bird who prey in nights and this is one the best flying predator found in India. Wildlife safari into the superb national parks of India is the best way to explore this night bird. The Great Indian horned owl is one of the most formidable aerial predators of the Indian forest. Killing and capturing of these birds is illegal under Indian law.

Great Indian Hornets

The Asian giant hornet is the world’s largest hornet and a native of India and neighbour countries. The Giant Indian hornets is the biggest wasp in the world, the sting is about 6 mm in length and injects with venom. Giant hornet sting bite is one of the most painful bite of insects found in India.

Giant Indian Squirrel

Indian Giant Squirrel is a large tree squirrel that lives in malabar area of India, so also known as malabar giant squirrel. The Indian giant squirrel, ratufa indica is the largest squirrel in the world. The giant squirrel is considered as one of the endangered species of squirrel in India. Giant squirrels live only in branches of higher trees of dense forests of Western Ghats and rarely come to the ground. The giant squirrel of India is the state animal of Maharashtra and protect in Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary near green city pune.

Giant King Cobra

Indian King cobra is found mostly in rain and deep forested areas of land of God, Kerala and other plains part of south India. The King Kobra is longest venomous snake in the world with a length of around 5 to 5.5 meters or 17 to 18 feet, its body is extremely beautiful and attractive. The Giant King Cobra is the biggest snake in India and one of the most dangerous snake in the world. Another big snake of India is Indian Python, who is counted as one of the largest species of snake found in India.

Giant Monitor Lizard

The Bengal Monitor lizard, also known as the common Indian monitor lizard is about 75 cms in body and with the tail about 100 cms in length. The Giant monitor lizards lives in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and all other parts of South India. It is one of the largest reptiles found in India, killing of monitor lizards is banned in India.

Giant Black Scorpion

The Giant Indian black scorpion is the largest scorpion found in India and can reach to almost 1 ft in length. Indian forest scorpion is one of the most deadliest animals of India after the krait snake. It is different from giant desert hairy scorpion.

Giant Wood Spider

The giant Indian wood spider are the largest spider found in India with a length of about three inches. Great spider mostly found in India and in other Asian countries. The females giant spider weave the biggest webs in India. Web is used for prey like flying insects,butterfly even a bird can also stuck in a web of a giant wood spider.

Giant Indian Mantis

The Great Indian mantis is the biggest mantis found in India and other Asian countries. Size of the giant Asian mantis species can measures roughly 100 mm. The habitat for this great mantis is mainly mainly shrubs and trees, Mantis varies in colors depending on the habitat.

Indian Bullfrogs


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