The 4 Most Bizarre Animals in India

Indian forest and its wildlife have various species of animals, some of them are very rare and unique in the world. These bizzare animals looks different with the normal species,such as Gharial, The Bizarre crocodilian, spiny anteater,flying lizards and the nocturnal slender loris. The Western ghats of India is well known for biodiversity, this region is home to several species of reptiles, birds and Wild animals.

Purple Frog


The frog species belonging amphibian and found only in the Western Ghats in India. This is a new species of amphibian, discovered in the Idukki district of Kerala. The amphibian is plump,Purple, and has very tiny eyes because of this, The frog is also know as Pignose Frog or Doughnut Frog locally.

Two Shield Tail Snakes


The two-lined black shieldtail snakes are non-venomous,found in the Western Ghats of India. The harmless snake found mainly in India, it is a small snake, growing to a maximum of 44 cm in length with a pointed head and blunt tail. Mahdei Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa one of the known place to spot this snake,Although this snake has been reported at several places.

Limbless Lizard


The Limbless Lizard is look like a snake, but a tiny reptile recently found in India is actually a limbless lizard. A number of such rare species have been found in the tribal state,Orissa. There is another species of lizard named as legless lizard, Most species have no legs, their head shape and the fact that they have movable eyelids and external ear openings identify them as lizards. These are also known as Glass Snakes or Jointed Snakes.

Slender Loris


The slender loris is a small night creatures found only in the tropical rainforests of South India. The slender loris is tail-less, with soft dense fur that is brown in colour, with the underside silver-gray. It is an arboreal animal and spends most of its life in trees,it mostly feed principally on insects. but they will also eat slugs, young leaves, flowers, shoots, and occasionally eggs and nestling. There are no confirmed numbers on how many slender lorises survive in the wild. They are one of the least studied of all primates in India

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