8 Rarest Wild Animals in The Wild Parks of India

India has many unique animals, beautiful birds and rare reptiles, which are the only wealth of Indian wildlife. The national parks and wildlife sanctuaries range and diversity provide a natural habitat to these,unique,rare and bizzare animals of India. The Unique animals of India are Nilgai, black buck,Tree Shrew,spiny Dormouse, and some species of Indian Macaques. Due to deforestation and loss of habitat,some of the unique animals fall under the category of endangered Species. The endangered species of wild animals in India includes Wild Ass,One Horned Rhino,Black buck and the Royal Bengal tiger.

Red Panda

The beautiful and endangered species,Indian Red Panda is also known by the name of Red Fox. From the two kinds of Red Pandas in the world, only one variety is found in India. The small arboreal mammal Red Panda is native to the eastern Himalayas, The red panda shares its name with the giant panda. India has 20 protected areas with Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal’s Khangchendzonga and Namdapha National Park. The endangered Red Panda live in temperate climates, in deciduous and coniferous forests, usually with an understorey of bamboo and hollow trees.


Brown Palm Civet

The Palm civets is endemic to the rain forests of Western Ghat in India. The species of civet has a coat that is a golden brown, dark brown and orange-brown to gray. The Brown Palm Civet is a fruit eater and an important seed dispersing agent of rain forest. The very graceful climber rest during the day in hollow trees canopy vine tangles, Indian giant squirrel nests and forks of branches. Another species of rare civet found in Western Ghat is a critically endangered, The Malabar Large-spotted Civet.


Nilgiri Marten

The Nilgiri Marten is the only species of marten found in India,mostly occurs in the hills of the Nilgiris and Western Ghats. The arboreal Nilgiri Marten is occasionally descend from the trees, it prey on birds, small mammals and insects. The Nilgiri marten is one of the largest and rarest Indian animal,with a body length of 55 to 65 Cms. Periyar Tiger Reserve is the home for a large population of Nilgiri Marten.


Flying Squirrel

The Giant Indian Flying Squirrel is a critically endangered species due to loss of habitat and prey. Its known habitat are namdapha national park, tall Mesua ferrea jungles and area of Noa Dihing river in North eastern India. The Namdapha Flying Squirrel is similar to other flying squirrels except of the color and other features. Another rare species of squirrel in India is giant squirrel of Malabar, The Indian giant squirrel, Ratufa indica is the largest squirrel in the world and is considered as one of the endangered species of squirrel in India.


Nilgiri Tahr

The Nilgiri Tahrs are stocky goats with short, coarse fur and a bristly mane,is a native to the Nilgiri Hills and Western Ghats. These tahrs inhabit the open montane grassland habitat of the South Western Ghats rain forests and dense forests at the lower elevations of Anamalai Hills. Eravikulam National Park is home to the largest population of Nilgiri Tahr,The state animal of Tamil Nadu. A small density is also spotted in Periyar National Park, Palni Hills and other pockets in the Western Ghats, Kerala.


Lion-Tailed Macaque

The Lion-tailed Macaque is an old world monkey found only in Western ghats of India. The Macaque is dark-brown or black with shiny black fur and long greyish-white hair around its face,Its tail is medium length with a black tuft at the end, similar to a lion’s tail. The most important habitats of the endangered lion-tailed macaques Silent Valley National Park, Anamalai hills and several areas in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In the Western Ghats of India,other species of Macaque are Gray Langur and Bonnet Macaque.


Indian Fruit Bat

The Greater Indian Fruit Bat also called as Indian flying fox is the largest bat in the world, with a wingspan of 1.2 and 1.5 meters. Giant Indian flying fox eats only fruit like mangoes and bananas, The giant bat of India lives in colonies with few hundred bat in deep forests of Western Ghats. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary of Kerala and Goa are home for the endangered species of Indian flying fox. There are two species of fruit bats found in India.


Indian long-Tailed Climbing Mouse

The Indian long-tailed climbing mouse is endemic to the northern Western Ghats of India. This small, arboreal rodent found only in the districts of Coorg and Nilgiris Hills. Indian long-tailed tree mouse is a species of rodent in the Muridae family, another unique species of mouse found here is spiny Dormouse.




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