7 Largest Bovine Species Found in India

Bovinae means a large-sized ungulates that includes domestic cattle, bison, Buffalo,water buffalo and the yak. The bovids are worshipped by Hindus and are considered sacred, the largest extant bovine is the gaur or Indian bison. In India there are 7 species of bovine found and among them Indian bison and Wild water buffalo are two wild animals along with

Yak – याक


The long-haired bovid found in the Himalaya states of India and most yaks are domesticated but there is also a small vulnerable population of wild yaks. Yak are among one of the largest bovids in India and are second only to the Indian bison in height but they are largest native animal in their range of Himalayan mountains.

Gaur – गौर


The Indian bison also called gaur is the largest bovine in the world, native to South Asia and Indian subcontinent and listed as vulnerable. Gaur is the tallest species of wild cattle and Malayan gaur is called seladang, The gaur is a strong and massively built species and are among the largest living land animals.

Gayal/Mithun – मिथुन


The gayal also known as mithun is the sometime mistaken known as domesticated form of the gaur bit gayal is a large semi-domesticated bovine found in Northeast India. Gayal differs from Indian bison and essentially inhabitants of hill-forests in India,gayal is the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Nilgai – नीलगाय


The nilgai or blue bull is the largest Indian antelope and one of the most commonly seen wild animals in India. Blue bull or gai meaning a bovine animal found throughout most of India living in grasslands and woodlands where they eat grasses and leaves, nilgai avoid dense forest and prefer the plains and low hills with shrubs jungle area.

Cow – गाय


Cow or Cattle is the most common type of large domesticated ungulates and subfamily of bovine raised as livestock for milk and other dairy products plus Cow urine is commonly used in India for internal medical purposes. Cattle are venerated within the Hindu religion and respect as one’s mother, Kankrej Cattle breed is one of the largest cattle in India found in the state of Gujarat.

Buffalo – भैंस


The domestic water buffalo or water buffalo are large bovid considered a different species from wild water buffalo but represents the ancestor. Murrah buffalo breed of Domestic Asian water buffalos are the largest water buffalo originally found in Punjab and Haryana states and used for production of milk.

Wild Water Buffalo


The Asian buffalo or Wild water buffalo is one of the large bovine native to the Indian Subcontinent and listed as endangered species, as the remaining population totals less than 4000,found mostly in Assam. The wild water buffalos are represents the ancestor of the domestic Indian water buffalos but are larger and heavier than domestic buffalo.

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