Top 5 Sanctuaries for Leopard Sighting in India

Leopards are the best predator of the wild forest and elusive, solitary and largely nocturnal. They are known for climbing trees and always found living with tiger and with the Asiatic lions in the Indian subcontinent, also shares habitat with jungle cat, dhole, striped hyena and wolf.

Bera Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Bera Leopard Sanctuary is located in a small town of Pali district by name Bera, home to highest number of leopards density in India with respect to area.

The entire black hills of Jawai dam are home to elusive Indian leopards and a very good place to see leopards in India along with crocodiles, hyena, mongoose, sloth bear and birds like flamingoes, sarus crane and water ducks.

Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Nagarhole National Park of Karnataka is the best place to see the Indian Leopard in wild, Kabini is part of the Nagarhole and home to healthy population of leopards as well as melanistic leopard called as Black Panther. Follow the link for – How to Reach Kabini

The park with the adjoining Bandipur National Park protects the wildlife of Karnataka and also a good place to see elephants in India.

Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

Tadoba is a Tiger Reserve consists of 625.4 square kilometres of area with Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary and home to 88 tigers and breeding population of Indian leopards.

The reserve is best known for the Bengal tiger as a keystone species but home to mammals like gaur, sloth bears, honey badger and recently a melanistic colour variant of leopard known as black panther spotted in Tadoba.

Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary is known for Asiatic lions and a fully protected area near Talala Gir in Gujarat. The wildlife sanctuary also house a good leopard population in Gir and also going to have a dedicated leopard park for better conservation of the leopards.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh National Park is home to highest tiger population by area but also has large breeding population of leopards in Madhya Pradesh. The park has a very high density of tigers in India but at the same time one of the second biggest attractions of the national park is rare sighting pf Indian Leopards.

Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the top states with largest leopard population in India followed by Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand. Human leopard conflict in India is the biggest threat to their survival, As a result with loss of wild prey and habitat, leopards are now prey on street dogs, feral pigs and domestic goats.

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